29 September 2012

Art mash...

This is what I call an art mash (or collage)... using about five different pieces of my art that just weren't right...to evolve into this lovely picture.
Textural bits are washi paper, which is paper made from flax fibre.
This artwork reminds me of New Zealand - sun, sand, sea, flax, koru's, nikau's and kowhai's.

Stamped Heart Picture...

Easy Stamped Heart Picture ...

Some time ago, I saw a picture in a magazine of a what was possibly a screen-printed framed heart.  This got me thinking about how I could use my  ‘Stampin Up’ stamps to create something similar.
I used  a small patterned stamp and other smaller stamps in various designs, red paper and white ink.

Using the long heart template, I cut out the centre of the heart. You could use another shape - maybe a circle, star or square...
With the template taped in place to keep it stable, the stamps were randomly stamped using the red card as the background.
Carefully remove template when dry.  With a white colour pencil lightly define the outline of the heart shape.

 I framed the design in a white frame.

It now has a special place in my red and white sitting room.

Long Heart Template - copy to word or photoshop and enlarge.