31 March 2013

Drought Blues....

Oh how I wish it would rain...
Poor old Mia Bella Gardens is looking sooooo sad!
Rain has been elusive for many months now, apart from a mere millimetre here and there. 
The heat has been unbearable, and the garden is starting to suffer.
Sadly my five finger tree is dying, and so is my beautiful 3 metre tall Brugmansia shrub.
The dahlias however are LOVING it!

 Unbelievable but true...
they have stood tall like soldiers in the heat and dryness.

Water restrictions have meant hand held hose watering 
(NO sprinklers allowed).
This takes me three hours every second or third evening!!  
(Perhaps a glass of Chardonnay in one hand would help...)

The monarch butterflies LOVE the dahlias too....
sucking the delicious nectar from deep within the flowers.
It is Autumn now, but it still feels like summer.
I'm so looking forward to those cooler days and the end of this terrible drought,
so I can start to prune, feed, and aid the recovery of Mia Bella Gardens.

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