13 November 2013

DIY Silver Tray and Button Heart Art...

Isn't it so much fun re-purposing things?
At the moment I am enjoying being creative with old silver trays.
Combine silver,
some glorious old buttons...
with a little creativity,
and you get a new artwork!
I needed a little something for the wall above the washing machine,
which is for the Laundry revamp (ongoing project).
If you want to know why that is an ongoing project,
It is because I am the sort of person who is easily distracted.
The laundry revamp is fairly minor, 
as there is only a wee bit of touch up painting required,
no major wall painting...
and a little bit of décor changing.
Very difficult to complete when life is so full of distractions like...
photography, other craft projects, my wee grandson and tea parties...
'Never mind', I say, 'I LOVE distractions... 
there is another day tomorrow!'
So to create this:

DIY Button Heart Art
You need:
An old silver tray (mine is just a small one)
A heart template (Many shapes to choose from on the net)
Marker pen.
Paint in a colour of your choice.
A selection of buttons in chosen colours
Simply cut out your heart template with the scissors.
Place it in position on the tray.
Draw around the outline of it with the marker pen.
Select the buttons to fit in the heart outline...
Paint the heart in your desired colour.
When it is dry,
Glue the buttons on it.
Dry overnight...
and hang on the wall.
(I used those fab velcro 'easy to remove' picture strips)

#heart #craft #buttons

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