24 February 2014

How to make a 'Business Card' - DIY tutorial...

I have been meaning to create a business card for 
Mia Bella Passions 
for such a long while...
A very, very long while in fact!
Make a business card has been:
On the to do list... 
(with every good intention to actually do it!)
Yip, I'll do it tomorrow...
Must put that one as a number one priority....

Ya all know how it goes.

So today is "THE DAY"!
And it really is!

Thanks to 'BLISS AT HOME' for a bit of inspiration...
It was super duper step by step easy peasy!!!
First step:
Log on to 'pic monkey' here

Use the instructions from 'BLISS AT HOME' as a guide if you like...

So here's a quick rundown of my own card creation.

  • I downloaded a plain white high resolution background from

  • Copy from your computer to 'pic monkey' at


  • Resize:   UNCLICK 'Use percentages'
AND 'Keep Proportions'.
I made my card- 1050 by 600.

  • Then turn it to 'landscape' view.'
  • I then selected some overlay photos and my own blog header 

(remember 'Copyright' rules here peeps!)
I added them one by one arranging them to fit.
via OverLays (My Own).
  • Move them into position.
  • Add frames and other fun bits as you desire!

And finally...

  • A blurb of contact details via Add Text.
  • Save from Pic Monkey to your home computer.
  • Print onto quality card or photo paper for a cool photo finish,

and there you have it.
And here is Mia Bella Passions new business card
(with phone number and email detail replaced
 with the purple swirl for internet privacy reasons):

And I am LOVING it!

10 February 2014

Alstroemeria - Princess Lilies...

Sweet princess lilies... 
are a dwarf alstroemeria.
This one is called Louise (zaprilou)
And she is a stunner!  
Alstroemeria has a notorious reputation 
of becoming weedy, 
and being more than just a little bit overpowering in the garden.
But the "Princess Lily" range are simply fabulous
 as they are dwarf in size, 
which is much more suited to the home garden.
The bonus is they have a long flowering season
with a glorious vibrant colour range...
As well as those endearing whisker markings on the blooms!
The "Princess Lilies" are ideal for growing in containers.
Are incredibly drought hardly...
And are simply perfect for the smaller garden!

For more information visit:

#alstroemeria #pink #flowers #princesslily

8 February 2014

'Fragments of Fuchsias' Artwork...

 Sharing my latest artwork...
I'm really happy with the way this painting came together.
I enjoyed playing with textures 
using acrylic paints in mauves, creams, greens and blues.
All this thick and luscious paint 
was teamed with fabulous handmade paper 
made from flax fibres to create this wonderful result!
 I'm a little bit in love with this one, 
so it may be difficult to ever part with it!
 I LOVE the colours...the textures...
and the fact everytime you look, 
you see something else!
 And I LOVE the name...
'Fragments of Fuchsias'.
There is nothing more heartwarming 
than art time with my Grandson.
 So I just had to share the cutest photo 
of 2 year old Quinn...
a budding 'abstract' artist 
(who has inherited his Nonna's love affair with paint!)
Squirty bottle paint is soooo much FUN!

2 February 2014

'Cake Works' 21st Birthday Cake...

Oh how your children grow!
My baby has just turned 21!
Time just did not allow a homemade cake design to eventuate, 
so I enlisted the help of Annalies at 'Cake Works'!
We chose a picture from the hundreds and hundreds of cakes on Pinterest...
So this is the pic (from Bella Cupcakes) 
that was emailed to Annalies at 'Cake Works',
with instructions that she was to add
  lemon yellow flowers to her own version of this design.
So right now I am doing a HUGE 'SHOUTOUT' to Annalies at 'CAKEWORKS'
because the cake she created was AMAZING!
Don't you agree?
With delicate flowers in the softest pastels...
On an aqua colored icing with beautiful white stenciling. 

It was simply gorgeous! 
Almost too gorgeous to cut....
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