29 November 2014

Gathered Burlap Mantel with Candy Canes and Ornaments...

To decorate the mantel the burlap theme is continuing...

by using the overlocked burlap ribbon.
 In New Zealand this is called 'Jute Tree Tie',
 and It's available in the gardening section at Bunnings.
 Thread some thin ribbon on a needle
 Hand stitch a gather line...
 Pull to gather...
I have done mine loosely,
just pull it tighter for more compact gathers, 
but be aware that you will require much more burlap ribbon.
 Attach ornaments spacing evenly.
 I used a cute wooden ornaments I found 
in the new seasons Christmas range at Spotlight...
 Then add some ribbon hung candycanes.
Trim the loose bits of ribbon off.
Add a Simple Burlap bow to the centre for a finishing touch.
Learn how to make the bows here:
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

26 November 2014

Fairy Light Birdcage...and a pretty Christmas table vignette.

I LOVE fairylights!
And I LOVE birdcages!
Let's put them together for a stunning Christmas table vignette.
 Clea offered to help.
Ohhh, they are so pretty...
let's put them inside the birdcage.
Butterfly fairy lights are mesmerizing...

 And this is what they look like...
 What a pretty vignette.
It's still daylight,
so I can't wait to see them tonight!

On the table is the peekaboo heart candle... 
This is how you make one:
 The white birdcage is full of butterfly fairy lights...
and there is a large vintage jar 
full of berries and baubles in RED... 
And a gorgeous aroma of lavender from the candle jar.
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

24 November 2014

Simple Burlap Tree Bows...

Christmas prep time continues, 
and today we're making some simple burlap tree bows.
Cut 17 inch (43cm) pieces of burlap ribbon.
(In New Zealand this is sold
 in the Gardening section at Bunnings as Jute Tree Tie).
Fold as this photo below shows...
(the blue paper is so you can see how much to overlap).
Pinch the centre together.
Tie with binding of your choice.
You may want to enlist a helper to tie the ribbon
if you find it tricky to do by yourself.
And that is it!
I made 20 simple burlap bows to decorate the Christmas Tree.
But you could use the bows to decorate
 a basket handle, a wreath or even a present.

22 November 2014

Peek-a-boo Heart Jar Candle Holder...

Peek-a-boo Heart Jar Candle Holder...
using Christmas themed music sheets,
a little ribbon and
a hint of lavender.
This is a sweet wee project for celebration decorating
 or to give as a gift.
Select a jar in a size you want.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the jar is heat proof
Print a music sheet -
or two if the jar is bigger as mine is.
I used this one:
Print a heart template:

Using a sharpie pen outline the heart in a centre position on the music sheet.

 Cut it out.

 Extend the music sheet to wrap around the jar if necessary 
by gluing another piece to it...

 Glue onto the jar
 with the cutout heart centred at the front.

 Add a few sparkles...
some dried lavender to the bottom of the jar...
and a ribbon or string bow.

Finally add a small candle or tealight.
Light and enjoy.
You'll smell the lavender as the jar warms up.

19 November 2014

Red Christmas Front Porch...

 The Christmas themed front porch started with 
the creation of the tin can wreath...
A bright pop of colour with a cute burlap bow...
Instructions can be found here:
 Then a Dandelion wish sign was added...
Find the tutorial here:
And dandelions... 
 I think I squealed with delight when at the garden centre, 
I found this cherry red plastic planter!!

18 November 2014

Christmas Dandelion Wish Sign...

Don't you just LOVE dandelions?
Don't you just LOVE wishes?
I do, so I thought let's create a dandelion wish sign just for Christmas...
Mine is quite big,
as I wanted it as a statement piece for the front porch,
 but you could downsize it if you want.
Paint a piece of wood (130cm x 18cm) bright RED.
Print the letters to the wish word
Make sure you flip it and mirror image it.
This is easy to do if you have Microsoft word.
Follow the instructions on how to do it at this link:
I tested this out and it works well.
Cut around each letter.
Place into position on the wood.
Tape to hold.
Then brush water on it...
this transfers the image.
Go over it in paint if you wish or leave it as it comes out.
Instructions on how to transfer this way can be found at
Upcycled Treasures...
Or you can freehand draw the letters
  as I did using a black sharpie ink pen.

Then Paint it.

Next paint on some dandelion flowers...
and when dry give it a coat of clear varnish.
And here it is.

Wishing every visitor to Mia Bella Gardens a Dandelion wish.... 
Stop by tomorrow to see the completed Christmas front porch...
See you then.

16 November 2014

DIY Tin Can Christmas Wreath...

Tin Cans, burlap ribbon, Christmas ribbon, string and a can of spray paint...
and in a jingle of a Christmas bell, 
you have a wonderful wreath that is a little different!
 I thought to myself that this pinterest found idea would be SIMPLE to create...

12 November 2014

Music Sheet Angels Wings Just for Christmas...

Preparation for Christmas is in full swing,
so I today I thought I would share these wee darlings...
Music sheet Angel wings!
You could use them anytime of year on any project,
but mine will decorate a Christmas tree...
But they would look super cute on a wreath, don't ya think?
The first thing to do is print some old music sheets on card or paper.

5 November 2014

Christmas Picture No.2: Glitter Stags Head...

The stag head decor craze is as popular still as ever...
and I have to admit to having a few stag head items in my home decor.
As it's Christmas craft time,
 I thought why not create a glitter stag head silhouette.
And that is what happened!
Christmas picture No.2 in the series of three,
 is a glitter stag head silhouette.

So here is how you make one...

3 November 2014

Carnation LOVE...

 What's not to love about old fashioned carnations...
 With a fragrance that is reminiscent of Grandmas garden...
 And a pop of colour amongst the garden green.
This carnation is called:
Dianthus Passion
It offers the garden gorgeously scented double red flowers
and attractive blue-green foliage that is compact in form
and fabulous for picking.

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