2 February 2014

'Cake Works' 21st Birthday Cake...

Oh how your children grow!
My baby has just turned 21!
Time just did not allow a homemade cake design to eventuate, 
so I enlisted the help of Annalies at 'Cake Works'!
We chose a picture from the hundreds and hundreds of cakes on Pinterest...
So this is the pic (from Bella Cupcakes) 
that was emailed to Annalies at 'Cake Works',
with instructions that she was to add
  lemon yellow flowers to her own version of this design.
So right now I am doing a HUGE 'SHOUTOUT' to Annalies at 'CAKEWORKS'
because the cake she created was AMAZING!
Don't you agree?
With delicate flowers in the softest pastels...
On an aqua colored icing with beautiful white stenciling. 

It was simply gorgeous! 
Almost too gorgeous to cut....
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