28 April 2015

DIY Anchor Pallet Artwork...

Pallet everything is so on trend at the moment!
 So here's my take on a pallet anchor picture...
It's a step by step photographic tutorial,
so gather your supplies and join in the fun!

You will need:
 Four pieces of pallet each cut to 45cm long,
plus two small offcuts to use as a backing.
The pallet pieces should be pre painted.  
I used white paint, but you can choose any colour you'd like.
Set the four pallet pieces tightly together, painted side face down,
 then place the backing wood as shown. 
 Nail the backing boards in place.  This stablilises the pallets and holds them in place.

 Print the free anchor template from here:

Use this as a guide to free hand draw the anchor onto the wood. Or enlarge the template slightly, cut out, and use as a template to draw the outline.

 Choose your paint colour (mines charcoal grey) and paint the anchor.
 I have seen this done with a coloured backing board and a white anchor, 
which is also really effective.
 Set aside to dry.
 When dry, add some highlights in silver or gold - whichever suits your colour choices.
When dry, seal with a coat of clear matt sealer.
 Attach a hanger.
I've used some rusty chain, but you could use chunky rope.
Hang and enjoy.
The DIY Anchor Pallet Artwork - a little rustic nautical fun!


26 April 2015

Custard Lime Kisses...

I could call these biscuits, 
but kisses sound so much more deliciously romantic, don't you think?
And as we are having a everything lime time at Mia Bella Passions,
I adapted a very old family recipe to create these...
Custard Lime Kisses...
Oh yummo!!!!
We are right back on the sweet treat radar with these, 
as the kisses are sweet flavoured with custard,
and the tangy lime flavour is in the custard icing.
 You'll find  the printable recipe here:
Custard Lime Kisses will disappear within hours of baking....
with a guarantee there will be shouts for:
more KISSES please!

24 April 2015

How To Plant a Phalaenopsis Moth Orchid Bowl....

 Planted orchid bowls are pretty simple to create...
All you need is:
One large shallow bowl
Three orchid plants
A bag of premium orchid potting mix
Some orchid stakes and clips to hold the flower stems to the stakes.
 In the bowl, place about three cups of orchid mix.
Then arrange the orchid plants.
(I've used white Phalaenopsis Moth orchids)
Top with more orchid mix, stake and clip the flower stems,
 Until the roots establish themselves, 
you may need a few extra stakes to support the flower stems.
This bowl of orchids was planted in November last year,  it took about three months to stabilise before the extra stakes could be removed. 
 It also grew a new flower spike, having just finished flowering - 
an amazing 5 months later!!
The conditions in this room, are bright light with no direct drafts.  
No direct sunlight gets on the plant.
Though I did leave it in the bathroom where the light was much brighter (but still diffused) for a few hours when the plant was watered.

Moth Orchids are possibly my most favourite of the orchid species...
How can you not love these flowers?

21 April 2015

DIY Rope and Brass Curtain Tie Backs...

I have been searching for quite some time 
for the perfect tie back for the Masculine French Bedroom to no avail.
A few years back I saw somewhere on the internet a DIY rope tieback.  
 I thought rope is quite masculine = perfect....
so this is my version...
For four curtain tie-backs you will need....
(all materials for this project were found at Bunnings Warehouse)

4 x 20mm snap hooks
4 metres rope (thickness of your choice)
4 x brass olives (in the plumbing section) or brass rings
1 roll of 1 ply Sisal Lashing.
A glue gun & glue
Cup hooks 

(note chain is in the photo as I was going to use this, but didn't.  :))
Cut rope into 4  pieces.
I wanted a nice drape effect on the tie back,
so I cut my rope to 4 pieces measuring 90cm each.
If you want a tighter tieback shorten the length, 
making sure you allow for the turn-backs.
Put the snap hook through the rope... 
 Use the sisal lashing and the hot glue to fold back and bind the rope as shown.
 Do the same with the brass olive or ring.
 Trim the excess hairy bits of the rope to tidy it.
 Follow these instructions for the four tie backs.
 Use the cup-hooks to attach at the back to the window frame or door jamb...
Make sure you measure the height from floor for each hook,
 so that the tiebacks hang at the same level.
Rope and brass curtain tiebacks that are a whole lot masculine...
The French masculine bedroom now has a hint of nautical...
French meets nautical?
Yes - I LOVE it!

#curtaintiebacks #rope #diy #brass #nautical

19 April 2015

Quick & Easy Ginger Oat Slice...

Don't be fooled by this healthy looking slice....
because the icing is completely off the healthy radar!
 Oaty coconut goodness....
topped with an insanely sweet and creamy ginger icing.
This recipe makes a good size slice,
 that is a perfect treat for the kids or adults lunch boxes...
It is quick and easy to make because it is a one pot recipe.

                         Quick & Easy Ginger Oat Slice

              Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius
              line with baking paper an extendible slice pan that is open to 33cm by 25cm in size.

              In a large pot melt:

             300 grams butter
             4 Tablespoons golden Syrup
             1 cup sugar
             1 teaspoon vanilla essence or paste
               1 1/2 cups rolled oats
               1/2 cups coconut 
               1 heaped teaspoon ground ginger
               2 cups plain flour
               4 teaspoons baking powder.

               Mix well and press into slice pan.
               Bake for 25 minutes until pale golden.

              When just warm, ice with ginger icing:
              50 grams butter
              1 tablespoon golden syrup
              and 2 Tablespoons milk.
              Mix in:
              1 1/2 cups icing sugar 
              and 1 teaspoon ground ginger

              When smooth and creamy,  ice slice.
              Cut into large slices when cold.
              Store in an airtight container.

17 April 2015

Mia Bella Passions House Tour Continues - The TV Room...

                                            The TV Room is a small wing off the dining room.
                                     Even though it's snug, it is a great space to watch television, 
play games, listen to music or chat over tea and cakes...
 There is a French hall table under the window...
and on the bottom shelf sits a simple vintage book stack.
To create this DIY, pop over to the tutorial here:
This table is an antique hospital table.
And the chair is a 100 year old family heirloom. 
 A top of which sits French themed bits and pieces...
I love the detailing on this candle holder.
The art is original...
Irises in oil.
And an abstract in acrylics.

This chair is my favourite.
I love the textured fabric and the mahogany.
There is a lot of texture in this room, 
from cable knitted throws and pillows, to linen and smooth tactile leather.
 This room is home to two stags head cushions.
This one was only $12.50 from The Warehouse.
The tutorial on how to make the DIY mosaic tray can be found here:
and the mirror tray makeover is here:
The bottle holder is so cute, and I found this at a wonderful store called 'Navy And Coral'.
(For you local followers that is on Whakatane's Strand.)
The TV Room has French doors that open on to a covered deck.
There is a built in wall unit  for the TV, storage and displays of treasures.

 Birdcages and birds...
 A jug collection...
 This artwork on tin was painted by my Grandmother in the 1930s...
(perhaps a clue as to where I have inherited my love of aqua!)
A framed 1950's vintage postcard 
of the Eiffel Tower.
The recently made stag head silhouette cushion is placed on couch.
Tutorial  on how to make this is here:
 The couches are worn old leather, in a rich burgundy colour.
Then afternoon sun streams into the TV Room...
perfect as a lazy day book nook too.

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