5 April 2015

Blue & White LOVE + Meringue Kisses...

A new passion has evolved...
It all started with a vintage tea party sized tablecloth in crisp white linen.
On the linen someone had lovingly stitched tiny dark blue crosses in pretty designs.
There is nothing in my home that is dark blue and white,
because I've always thought of myself as an 'aqua blue kinda girl!'
But I stood and admired this table cloth, and thought: 
'OH YES - I think that I could love you!'.
And since that moment passed...
have acquired a few blue and white pieces of china.

Vintage of course!

To show you my new blue and white collectable treasures,
I made delicate wee meringues to complete the tea party.

When they had cooled I kissed them together with fresh vanilla flavoured cream.

Perfect with peach tea!

(Here's a little secret:  I have never ever made meringues before...
so the ones you see in the photographs are the second batch!
First lesson was, to have oven temperature on low as if it is too high, 
your meringues go brown in a blink of an eye!)
Delicious, sweet meringue kisses...

melt in your mouth delightfulness, 
looking like royalty with the blue and white table setting.

One must have flowers too...
and these miniature camellias in a tiny white jug brought a smile to the party.

For the printable meringue kiss recipe click the clink here: 
Crisp, sweet meringue kisses,

Peach tea,


and the beauty of vintage blue and white.

What a perfect treat for an Autumn afternoon!


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