18 December 2016

Christmas Message From Mia Bella Passions...

Wishing you all
happy, safe and joyous festive season.

And in case you are wondering what the flower is in the photograph...
It is the New Zealand Pohutukawa.
Also known as the New Zealand christmas tree,
as it is in full bloom during the holidays.

Mia Bella Passions will return in the new year...
Happy Holidays y'all!


14 December 2016

TIM TAM Pressie Treat...

What a fun one this is...
Tim Tams...Berry Lollies...and an Icing bow.

Let me show you how to create a TIM TAM Pressie Treat.

You will need:
5 packets of white chocolate tim tams
melted white chocolate
Berry lollies
Red Ready to Roll Icing
and Soft White icing 
(I used Dr.Oetker brand available from Countdown)

 On a prepared board -
 place 18 tim tams to form a square shape.
Join all the tim tams with a dots of melted white chocolate to stabilize.
Add another layer of 14 tim tams as shown.
'Glue' in place with more melted chocolate.

Counter layer the final layer as shown.

Then add two tim tams as the base for the bow.
The bow is created using ready to roll icing.

Two rectangles supported by wax paper covered rolls.
Two long pieces for ribbons.
A small centre wrap for the middle of the bow.

Leave the rolls in for 24 hours until the icing has hardened.

Add lollies and icing decoration as desired.

Then pipe the detail.

What more could a Tim Tam lover wish for?

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11 December 2016

Mia Bella Passions Red & White Christmas....

Here's a peek at this years Christmas decor 
in the red sitting room.

I really do have a soft spot for the colour red.
I wear lots of red.
I adore red lipstick.
One cannot have too many pairs of red shoes
(or shoes in any colour!)
I love strawberries, cherries...
in fact any red berry will do!
And the couch in the sitting room is red too!
(How's that for a little impromptu poetry?)

Maybe I love red so much because... 

it reminds me of Christmas cheer and joy...

 So this year Mia Bella Passions 'red' sitting room is decorated:
red & white.  

The mantel displays a collection of snowmen
(now that is wishful thinking isn't it as my Christmas is a summer Christmas.)
'Air New Zealand' have made this funny Christmas video;
- watch it and you will understand my longing for snow.

The wreath is decorated with berries lights and antlers.

There is of course a sack or two.
And a rust covered HOHO...
(find out how to make faux rust here.)

I've reused music sheet angel wings from a previous Christmas - find out how to create here.
There are loads of white, and red ornaments.
Some shop bought, others crafted.
And yes that is a Bearington Bear atop of the tree.

There's a painted carafe and berries...
(find out why I had to paint my berries here).

My favourite handcrafted ornament this year is the white scottie dog.
(Tutorial here).

with the felt reindeer nudging in at second place.
(Tutorial here.)

I hope you have enjoyed a peek into my summer red & white Christmas.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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8 December 2016

Felt Reindeer Christmas Decorations...

Here's another little cutie felt project for ya all.
A 'Felt Reindeer Christmas Decoration'....
I made  a whole lot of these darlings for the main Christmas tree ornaments a few years ago.

This is a slightly modified version, 
as the first were hand stitched, and had separate ears.

To make:
Copy & paste the template to your computer and print.
Cut out the antlers and reindeer templates.

Choose felt in the colours of your choice.
Pin to felt that has been folded in half as you need two antlers and two reindeers per ornament.

Using a sewing machine:
Stitch the two antlers together using a contrasting colour thread.

Do the same with the reindeer but leave a gap to insert stuffing on the under tummy.

Stuff using a chopstick to push into small areas.
Stitch up the gap.

Add a sequin nose.

Handstitch antlers in place.

Two bead eyes.

A ribbon bow or bell at the neck.
Add a hanger.

Hang on tree.

#christmas #felt #crafts #sewing #ornament

6 December 2016

Painted Carafe & Christmas Berries...

Carafe vases are a nice shape and perfect for arrangements of Christmas lillies and berries.
My clear glass carafe vase needed a bit of oomph for Christmas,
so out came the white paint.

All I did was pour a little paint inside and slowly swirled it around the vase until the inside was completely coated.

The paint I used was Dulux Aquanamel in white,
 because it is water resistant, and a lovely thick paint.  
This makes the coating of the glass exceptionally easy.

It took 5 minutes from start to finish for this glass painting project.

As I have already shared, here in New Zealand it is summer.
Which means no winter berries!
At the moment I have one Ilex 'Holly' shrub in berry
but the berries won't be red until Autumn.
So what does one do when one must have red berries?
Get out the spray paint of course!

Before painting I stripped the leaves off the stems.
then spray painted them.

After 24 hours drying and fume release time,
place into the vase.
I haven't put water into the vase.
 as the spray paint seals the berries with a thick coating of paint, and preserves them.

Red berries and a white vase to match the Christmas themed cushions.

Place vase on a coffee table, mantel or sideboard,
for a little bit of berry red and white fun.

#Christmas #crafts #berries #red #painted

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