17 April 2016

How Easy Is It To Make Peanut Butter?

In blog land everyone else is making peanut butter!
And everyone says it's EASY!
And ya all know EASY is my friend...
so I decided to test the theory.
Off I went to Bin Inn bulk store...
purchased my roasted salted peanuts.
Got out my food processor, added my peanuts,
 pulsed and smashed those peanuts into little pieces.
One blogger said - it takes 5 minutes to make smooth peanut butter!
my food processor is so powerful - 
I am glad it has suction cups to stick it to the bench.
It literally takes off!
Yip - it is a BEAST!
And after 6 minutes at top speed I had smashed peanuts,
that did not quite resemble peanut butter.
Processed for another 2 minutes - hmmm no change.
So I am thinking - 
maybe we dry roast all the oil out of our peanuts in New Zealand.
USA you must have wonderful oily peanuts!
So in went two tablespoons of oil.
Another 3 minutes of full speed processing and I had an in between kind of crunchy and smooth peanut butter.
By this stage the noise of the 'BEAST' was doing my head in,
 so after a taste test, I decided it was good enough.
It took 11 minutes but I won the homemade peanut butter battle.
It is delicious.
When compared to a natural store bought peanut butter
that is available in New Zealand (in the same quantities), 
it's actually no cheaper to make at home.
But at least I can tick it off the list, and say I've done it.   


  1. :) Been there... done that. When our boys were wee babes I went all natural and made a lot of our food from scratch. Bread, jelly, jam, syrups, mayo, and peanut butter. This one did kick my butt as well. But I did it. I used the unsalted kind though. And I made it in small batches .
    Like you said, we can tick it off our bucket list as having done it :)
    Cheers, Gee

    1. So relieved I was not the only one that found making this a challenge. Thanks Gee. :)

  2. yumm :) I haven't tried making my own peanut butter but would be delish testing it out!

  3. In our previous home town, there was actually a little store out in the middle of a citrus grove, that sold peanuts that were grown locally, bags of shelled peanuts, fresh peanut butter in little tubs, or you could use their peanut butter machine and make your own. Since this store was only open through the winter, I would buy their shelled raw peanuts (unsalted) & make peanut butter in my Cuisinart. I haven't tried it with my Ninja (Cuisinart bit the dust), but the Cuisinart would make it in no time at all without adding oil. You said your peanuts were roasted, and if that is a dry roast, that's probably why they didn't make a smooth and creamy peanut butter. Chunky peanut butter is good, too!

    1. Thank you so much for the tips Carol. I think the processor is powerful enough, but you are probably right about not using dry roasted peanuts. I will have to try it again now to see if this is the secret!

  4. I have tried this in so many different processors (including my Thermomix) ... and in the States and Europe, and I agree with you this isn't EASY. Mine is always textured and I always have to add oil in. Some of my 'nut butters' have quickly turned into protein bites, because it was easier to roll it all than it was to wait for it to cream.

    1. AJ I think the protein bite idea is what I will do next time! Thanks for that tip. :-)

  5. I like Peter Pan just fine! Lol! Some things are just not worth the trouble, or the cost. But thumbs up to you for giving it a try! I bet it does taste really good. :)

  6. Thanks Martie - it's definitely in the been there done that basket now. lol

  7. I bet it is delicious with all of that peanut goodness.
    So much better than store bought.

    Thank you for joining us at TOHOT!

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  8. Tracey, I can't say this is something I would ever do but I can appreciate you doing it because it's so much better for you. You mentioned that maybe the US peanuts have more oil....well I think they add oil to our peanut butter and it's often hydrogenated so it's not good for us.


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