30 August 2016

DIY Letter Painted Salad Servers and another upcycle!

I bought these bamboo salad servers at Briscoes for $8 in a 50% off sale.
And as I needed a gift for an upcoming housewarming, 
decided to zoosh them up a bit!

I used stick on letters to write salad on each utensil.
Then proceeded to paint them with acrylic paint.

(Orange was the colour of choice because the modern new build house has a bright orange front door and an orange kitchen splashback!)
Then paint a second coat of your colour.
Then varnish.
(Dry completely for at least a week before gifting/using.
Remember that these are hand wash only, 
so you need to add a little note to the gift.)

The other part of the housewarming gift is a fruit bowl.
This pottery piece was $5 at the Hospice Op Shop.

(I choose the copper to compliment the orange colour as the new kitchen has copper hanging pendant lights above the breakfast bar.)
First step - spray paint inside of bowl copper.

Then spray paint the bottom, middle and top rims.

Sooooo very cool!

Modern and funky and upcycled!
A perfect fit for their new modern home with the orange kitchen splashback and the bright orange front door.  :)

28 August 2016

The Effect Of Visual Arts...

When you look at art, sculpture and photography how do you react?
We all know what appeals to us personally, 
someone else may dislike or even disapprove of.
Viewing art is an intensely private and personal experience,
but how art impacts is such an interesting topic. 
Visual art, sculpture and photography can instigate healing, inspiration, as well as altering the brain chemistry.
It is fascinating to observe people in an exhibition opening or gallery -what are they saying verbally or via body language when viewing different pieces of work.
It opens up concepts and makes for riveting conversation,
because art truly is in the eye of the beholder - everybody sees something different.

I would like to share how I was impacted by a piece of photography 
at an exhibition opening recently.
It was the most surreal experience.

The photograph is called 'Fallen'.
The photographer is the very talented Baz Mantis.

Those red angel wings grabbed my attention.
The title grabbed my attention.
The darkness and hint of sadness of the photograph
grabbed my attention.
(Perhaps because we have all been a fallen angel at some time in our lives).
It reminded me how important wings and feathers were to me as an artist.
It reminded me of the rock band 'Evanescence'.
It also reminded me how much I have spiritually grown through my life.

I love this image...
I love the effect it has on me.
'Fallen' is now hanging in my office!

Baz Mantis photography is based in Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand. 
Find out more here...


Here is a great article on the importance of art in our daily life by David Norris (via Monte Naglar Fine Art)

25 August 2016

Mini Desert Gardens...

This is one of those 'oh so cute, 
but let's put up a 'danger' sign' kind of projects.

I'm a cactus and succulent lover, 
so this quirky desert style mini garden is just my thing.

To create you will need:
3 x small glass bowls 
(I used $1 bowls from the Necessities Warehouse brand)

potting mix

3 x baby cactus plants
($4.47 each from Mitre 10)
Line each bowl with wet sand and press into place.

Add a layer of potting mix.

Put the baby cacti in the centre and backfill with potting mix.
Put a top layer of sand on top.

Hint: Make a paper collar to avoid the prickles and make for easier manoeuvring.

The Mini desert gardens require minimal watering.
Remember there is no drainage in the glass bowl so it is vital not to overwater them or they will rot.

I displayed each bowl in a little wooden box on the coffee table.
The cloth is vintage.
Oh so pretty don't you think?

I adore the passionflower design.
Right now I'm loving vintage fabric...
Mini Desert Gardens!

21 August 2016

Courage Dear Heart....

What does the word courage mean to you?
Does it mean:
 Have courage to live the life true to yourself, and not one that others expect for you?
Have the courage to face life in adversity?
Have courage to make changes for personal growth?
Have courage to speak up or ask?
Have courage to take that first step for new beginnings?

Winston Churchill said:
"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts".

C.S Lewis reminded us:
 'Courage dear heart'

And that is today's photographic quote.

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18 August 2016

One pot Citrus Yoyo's...

Yoyo's = YUM!

Flavour = ORANGE...

One Pot mix  = EASY!

Simply mix the ingredients in one pot, 
shape into small balls,
press with a fork and bake.
The yield is 54 single Yoyo biscuits - uniced.

27 joined with the tangy orange icing.

I prefer them joined with icing.

So delectably good.

Pop over here for the printable recipe.

Yoyo's and orchids = LOVE!

#yoyos #biscuits #kisses #homemade #baking

16 August 2016

The Copper Upcycle No2...

I made this driftwood heart way back in February 2015 
for the Office makeover.
It was super easy to make,
but it has had it's time done as office wall decor.

let's do another quick and easy upcycle,
in oh so fabulous copper....

The copper spray paint created more magic

And I LOVE it!

This little corner of my art studio is already looking like a mini makeover has happened as I collect copper inspired pieces
for the upcoming BIG Spring art studio makeover...

To find out how to make the simple driftwood heart visit HERE.

#upcycle #spraypaint #diy

14 August 2016

An Enthusiasm For Life...

Gerberas daisy flowers are incredibly fun to photograph.
With their many petals, vibrant colour,
 and centres of tightly packed stamens.
This one pink gerbera flower morphed into twenty photographs...

And from those photographs one was chosen to create
a digital artwork.

Vincent Van Goghs quote
'Colour in a picture is like enthusiasm in life'
was the perfect for the bright pink and orange painterly image.

For what would a painting be without colour?
For what would life be without enthusiasm?

Have a wonderful day my friends...

#quotes #quote

11 August 2016

Baileys Cupcakes...

It seems there is a wee bit of a Bailey's liqueur binge 
going on at Mia Bella Passions.

 Reserved for special occasions of course!

 But did you know every day is a special occasion at Mia Bella Passions. 

Seriously though, Bailey's cupcakes are a wonderful adult sweet treat...

It's my all time favourite liqueur that's
usually reserved for a Christmas treat.
But nothing beats Baileys cupcakes any time of the year!

And that icing is YUM!

Did I say the icing is YUM?

It reminds me of sherry icing on christmas cake!
Bake a batch of your favourite vanilla cupcake recipe and ice with:

Baileys Cream Icing

Beat until creamy and pale 100 grams butter
Add 2 cups of icing sugar
1 Tablespoons Baileys.
Ice the cupcakes using a spatula, 
Dot with white chocolate drops to serve.

Why not indulge yourself with these cupcakes.

#baking #baileys #cupcakes


9 August 2016

How a Floral Display Impacts The Decor....

What do Flowers bring to the home decor?
A painterly elegance...
Sometimes a floral perfume... 
Instant mood lifting appeal...

And most definitely - visual joy.

What is in this arrangement of flowers?
 Bright yellow roses...
(The perfect colour choice for cheering up a winters day).

Yellow and burgundy pinky mauve toned tulips...

And an unusual variegated chrysanthemum.

How was this display created?
A simple hand tied posy 

Strip all the lower leaves...

Arrange in one hand crossing the stems...
Put an elastic band on to hold in place.
Then trim stems to place in the vase.

How was it displayed?

On the Table, a cloth with a french themed pattern was placed.
(This is actually a piece of curtain remnant that was the perfect table size, that I hemmed the edges. Cost $4 from the curtain shop remnant bin).

The flowers are in a glass vase that sits in a white French inspired pot.

The pot was then put into a wire basket. 

In the front of the basket is a long sausage dog ornament.

Just look at that face - isn't it the cutest?

After a few days:

The rose buds and tulips opened up to let their beauty shine!

#posies #flowers #floralarrangement 

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