14 February 2016

Venus Flytraps - How to grow & all that stuff!

Venus flytraps are the most fascinating of plants.
  The are carnivores...
Resembling little aliens with their bi-fold jars and spiky teeth, 
when a fly or small bug lands on the pink tinged centre, 
the 'jaws' snap shut with lightning speed.
Venus flytraps botanical name is 'Dionaea muscipula'.
They are perennials plants which are native to the bogs of Coastal North and South Carolina in the US.
They are perfect for terrarium growing.
And can be potted in an acidic soil or sphagnum moss.
Which is what I grow my plants in.
I filled my terrarium with sphagnum moss...
Make a nest of it, and then carefully placed the venus flycatcher in the middle.
They must be keep moist and have access to sun.
Water with distilled water or rainwater,
as tap water may contain too many chemicals for this special plant to cope with.
If grown outside, bring the pots indoors over the winter.
Venus Flytraps have a period of winter dormancy.
And it is best to reduce watering during this time of rest.
But if grown indoors, and the conditions are to their liking, they tend not to completely die back.
Venus flytraps are carnivorous, eating flies and small bugs.
They can go a month or even two without food.
If grown outdoors they will catch they own prey.
But if grown indoors you may need to help, by putting small live flies in their terrariums and placing a temporary cover on top until the prey is caught.
As a child we had so much fun with these little alien plants,
And I am sure your children would too, just as mine did, and even as adults still do!

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