20 March 2016

How to Paint Robins Eggs...

Let's make Robin eggs using small plastic eggs
to put inside a found bird nest.
These eggs are from the $2 store.
 Poke a skewer through the hole in the bottom of the eggs,
 and then put this into a piece of florist foam.
This make's them much easier to paint.
 In a dish place a dob of white acrylic artists paint, 
and a dob of Cobalt Turquoise Light Artists paint.
 Mix together so that you have a lovely blue colour.
 Use a large brush like this...
 And paint the blue onto the eggs.
 Leave to dry and the give them a second coat.
Once dry, you can give them a very light sand with fine sanding paper to smooth.
 Place a dob of bronze acrylic paint on the dish.
 Mix with water like this.
You will need a firm bristle brush.
Dip into the paint...
Then flick onto the eggs.
I used mine to put into a bird nest that I found.
The nest is sitting in a pottery bowl which is also in the aqua hues.
I added a rabbit
and a candle, 
for a lovely Easter vignette on the white shabby sideboard.

#easter #paintedeggs

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