27 March 2016

Thyme In A Teapot...

Fresh herbs in the kitchen are a must have...
So convenient and so useful.
Thyme is a herb I seem to use a lot of.
And as I was giving my indoor potted herbs 
(Visit that post here:  Potted fresh herbs in kitchen...)

a break from being indoors and outside in the sun,
I thought a single thyme plant would suffice until the other herbs returned to the sunny kitchen corner.

 This is Grandma's teapot...
I LOVE it because it is shiny and black!
How funky is that?
Not used for tea as it is a notoriously bad pourer!

It is often used as a vase or in decor displays, 
but I thought why not pop a thyme plant in it.

 So that is exactly what I did.
And that thyme simply LOVES the sunny kitchen corner, 
as it is growing as fast as I can use it.
There is nothing like fresh herbs near at hand for adding to home cooking.
And I love the way they look in the kitchen decor!

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