23 June 2016

DIY Faux Cactus In A Pot...

Pinterest is overloaded with fabulous DIY and craft ideas,
and this one's interesting!
Faux cactus in a pot!

Initially I couldn't decide whether I loved it, or hated it...
but finally decided it was pretty darn funky and fun!
And so the plant themed DIY on Mia Bella Passions continues with:
Faux cactus in a pot made from stones.

 I have always had a love of cactus in their many shapes and forms.
I remember as a child helping my Grandfather tend his vast collection.
Dangerously ugly in my child mind, but when they flowered...
I had a cactus garden as a young homemaker.
But it was removed after a puppy fell face first into a cactus!
Not a pretty sight, hours of spike removal,
 and no fun for the puppy either.
Maybe that is why this idea was so appealing.
A bit of funky cacti fun with no dangers attached!

It's really simple to create,
and a super craft with the kids activity.
Select as many flat shaped stones that you want to put in the pot.
I used four in varied shapes.

You could use a terracotta pot and distress paint it.
But I used a square ceramic one, 
because I have super skinny window sills in my house.
Find out more about them HERE and my kitchen sill mini planters.

I used a selection of green acrylic paint.
Because this project is not going outdoors,
I didn't seal the stones first.

 I mixed up greens to create a bright colour...
you could keep the colour more realistic if preferred.

Once the green paint had dried,
 I put some crosses and line detail on the stones in white paint.

Filled the pot with potting mix to an inch from the top.

 Planter stones were added.

 Silver stones to add a little contrast to the bright green and white.

Then the cacti stones were placed into the pot.

I don't think this project will be staying at my place...
because my son wants to take it when he moves into his new flat.
He can't wait to ask his flatmates to:
 'Make sure you water the cactus when I'm away!' 

This project is definitely in the ' A bit of FUN' basket!
And I'm sure the kids would love to make too.

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