21 July 2016

Mia Bella Passions Lime & Blueberry Cake...

This is a wonderful to eat, and visually appealing cake...

Bake it for a special occasion...

Or just because you want to treat the family!

The basic cake mixture has lime juice and zest in it.

And frozen blueberries...

Once the cake mix is creamed together, and placed in 3 cake pans,

a handful of blueberries is placed on top.

By doing this the berries stay on the top of the cake when cooked, 
and also stops the cake rising into peaks.
What we want is three thin layers of cake.

Whip up the creamy buttery lime icing and layer the cakes.
If you are not so fond of slathers of icing,
you could just sprinkle the cake with icing sugar at this stage,
slice and serve.

Or you can cover the entire cake with the icing,
with lime curls placed atop.

Lime and blueberries are not a common flavour combination,
but I think it's a delicious one.
I'm pretty sure you will agree once you have tried this cake.

Pop over HERE for the recipe to print.

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