25 August 2016

Mini Desert Gardens...

This is one of those 'oh so cute, 
but let's put up a 'danger' sign' kind of projects.

I'm a cactus and succulent lover, 
so this quirky desert style mini garden is just my thing.

To create you will need:
3 x small glass bowls 
(I used $1 bowls from the Necessities Warehouse brand)

potting mix

3 x baby cactus plants
($4.47 each from Mitre 10)
Line each bowl with wet sand and press into place.

Add a layer of potting mix.

Put the baby cacti in the centre and backfill with potting mix.
Put a top layer of sand on top.

Hint: Make a paper collar to avoid the prickles and make for easier manoeuvring.

The Mini desert gardens require minimal watering.
Remember there is no drainage in the glass bowl so it is vital not to overwater them or they will rot.

I displayed each bowl in a little wooden box on the coffee table.
The cloth is vintage.
Oh so pretty don't you think?

I adore the passionflower design.
Right now I'm loving vintage fabric...
Mini Desert Gardens!

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