18 September 2016

The New 'AQUA Clock...

You know what it's like when you get a new decor piece...
things have a strange way of totally changing up.
When I replaced my failing 'worst time keeper ever' black and white clock with a new one, that is what happened.

Because the clock was black and white,
 the decor pieces below it were black and white!

And Grandmas old china cabinet held my collected china in yellow,white and green.

Then along came the new AQUA clock...
Nothing like a bit of colour to brighten things up!
(This clock was purchased from 'Whitegold' - Shop2/189 The Strand, Whakatane.  Check out their online store HERE.)

So the pieces on the top and inside of the cabinet
 morphed into white and aqua...

The yellow, white and green china moved into the white french cabinet,
and the aqua that was there moved into Grandma's china cabinet.

Aqua has to be one of my most favourite colours.

I have collected these pieces over many years...

And the watercolour painting of 'my eye', 
just adds a bit of fun to the display.

#aqua #aquacollection

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