29 November 2016

Cute Scottie Dog Ornament...

This scottie dog ornament is 'OH SO CUTE'!

It's a simple hand stitched ornament that is basic enough for the older kids to create for the Christmas tree.
And a pretty neat gift for those little white dog lovers.
You will need:
A template printed
White felt
Thin wadding
embroidery cotton in the colour of your choice.
an embroidery needle

Save as and print the template.
Choose the size you like.
Cut it out.

Place on felt that has been folded in half with the wadding as the middle layer.

Pin template onto the felt layers 

Cut it out.

Hand stitch around the outer edge...
 using embroidery cotton.

Stitch on a bead eye.

Add a little bell at the bottom of the neck.

Then stitch back up to top of the neck as shown.

Add a ribbon hanger.

And a nose -
I used a rose embellishment.

Now is this wee scottie cute? 
Or the cutest?

#felt #craft #handstitched #christmas #ornament #diy

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