23 January 2017

Sing For Me - New Scarf Design...

The latest in my Designer Collection.

A scarf especially for the feathered friends lover!
It features a modern design with a sweet sparrow, in a cashmere modal mix fabric.

View other designs in the collection HERE.


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22 January 2017

Faux Succulent Jars...

I love placing decor pieces on a windowsill, don't you?
A popular trend at the moment is textured glass, so I was very happy to happen upon these sweet cut glass vases on sale!

Tilly @ Home is a range the you'll find at Farmers
and honestly there is some very, very, very cool things available.

These jars were $7.99 each - I paid $4 on sale.
Three is always the most gentle on the eye, so I bought three.

Now you could place mini bunches of fresh garden flowers in these,
 but I chose to buy the faux succulents to put in my jars.
(unkillable plant = love, and they look soooo real!)
They too were on sale and were bargained at $5 each.

Easiest decor spruce up ever -

Take shopping home...
Unwrap packages...
Place on sill.
And voila'...

A fresh pop in the bathroom decor!

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16 January 2017

Shortbread Raspberry Mousse...

Shortbread Raspberry Mousse...

A moment of bliss with each mouthful you take...

With layers of buttery shortbread crumbs
and a white chocolate mousse with a subtle hint of lemon.

And if raspberries are not in season,
simply top with any fruit that is.
Canned diced mango or peaches are also a great topping choice when fresh fruit is not so readily available.

You'll find the recipe HERE.

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14 January 2017

11 January 2017

DIY Pallet Poolside Towel Hanger...

Add a little poolside whimsy with a DIY towel hanger.

All you need to make this is:
a hanger ($12 from KMart)
A larger piece of pallet wood that is painted white to attach the hanger 
Pool word clipart
(see bottom for the link and printable)
Modpodge glue
Staple Gun

Print your word art

 Cut it out.

Mod Podge onto pallet wood.
When dry, seal with an outdoor spray on sealer for added weather protection.

Nail the hanger in place onto the pallet.

Staple rope to sides and use it to attach to the pool fence.
It must be time for a pool party!

The free download for the 'Pool' word clip art is via 
I resized it.
By saving it to word.
Right click.
Then click size and position.
And use corner arrows to adjust size.

This is a one summer project - as the ink will gradually fade on the pool word if in the sunshine.
To make it more permanent - paint (use acrylics) the word using the template as a guide and then seal.

8 January 2017

Silver A Little Seaside Charm...

I am forever changing up the decor in my home.
And wanted something simple...
that also incorporated old music sheets 
for on top of the coffee table.
So I created a little 'Silver Seaside Charm'
using a simple box from my collection,
an old music sheet,
beach found shells,
and my fav silver spray paint.
Honestly this project was complete in 20 minutes.
All I did was:
Measured and cut a piece of old music sheet to fit the little box tray.
Spray painted the shells using 'PlastiKote' Brilliant Metallic... 

I waited 15 minutes for the paint to dry.
And then put the shells onto the music sheet paper in the box.

Onto the coffee table it went.
It was perfect for inside the botanical tray.

And even more perfect beside the 'Beach Lovers Terrarium'.
(you can find out how to make that HERE.)

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5 January 2017

Last Years Most Popular - Sweet Treats...

The 'Carrot Cake Cheesecake Slice' was a huge hit...

'Peanut White Choc Fudge'
(which is amazingly DELICIOUS!) hit number two...

With 'Choc Chip Banana Brownie' at number three.
You thought it was a decidedly wonderful cheats way to get kids to eat banana!

And I just have to end the 'Most Popular' list 
with Fairy Bread.
A traditional 'Down Under' (Australian and New Zealand)
Children's party treat...
It was so much fun sharing the history of this sweet treat
that many of you had never heard of before.

Recipe Links can be found HERE:

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3 January 2017

What You Chose - Most Popular - Craft & DIY...

The upcycled rake head bird or butterfly feeder was top of the 2016 Craft & DIY list.
It was a super simple DIY that you folk LOVED.
And then there actually was a whole heap of banter and debate regarding its safety.
(I kid you not!)
Some thought those spiky tips on the rake were dangerous.
But I am not about to jump over a fence, and the Mia Bella Passions cats are so used to all the feeders in the garden,
plus they are so well fed, fat and lazy it really wasn't a bother to them.
So you will be pleased to know no one got impaled!
Find out how to make one HERE.

Number two in popularity was this uptake on an old fashioned macrame pot plant hanger.
It brought out a whole lot of nostalgia in y'all!
Find out how to create one HERE.

Next on the list is:
The 'On A Wire' Hanging Frames.
I loved how some added suggestions to this creation like: 
Decorating the picture hook hanger that the wires are hung with, with beads,
 or paint the hook in a contrasting colour.
Instructions on making one are HERE.

So those were the top three most popular DIY's for 2016...
I can't wait to share more creations with you this coming year.

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