30 October 2017


Halloween is here...
and for my family to enjoy,
I have whipped up some cupcakes using a basic vanilla cupcake mixture
and a Halloween kit with cupcake cases and toppers.

They just finish the sideboard display.
Along with some orange jelly snake lollies. 

I also made my special Rocky Road.

Rocky Road is a firm family favourite for Halloween and for Christmas.
You'll find the recipe HERE.


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28 October 2017

Arty Nail Polish Rocks...

Arty Nail Polish Rocks are super easy to create...

All you need are a selection of old nail polishes in the colours of your choice...
and somewhere well ventilated to do this project.
(As boy oh boy - polish is pretty fumy stuff!)

You'll also need:
A bowl of cold water and a toothpick.
Plus some oval shaped rocks.

 To Create:
Drip the nailpolish in a pattern on top of the water...
Then quickly run the toothpick through the polish.

 Hold the rock over the polish and push down so water covers rock,
and then pull out of water.
Turn and place rock right side up on paper to dry.

 This is the end result.

 Once dry they can be gifted...
or placed on a windowsill, coffee table, on the patio, in plant pots or in the garden in groups.
Don't you think these are pretty.
This colour combination reminds me of a paua (abalone) shell.

#rockcrafts #art #paintedrocks 

24 October 2017

The Droplet...

It has rained a lot here in the Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand.
in between showers...
when the sun attempts to shine...
the light is especially amazing!
I thought I would share a recent photograph that captures a tiny water droplet.

#newzealandphotographer #photography #nature #raindrop

18 October 2017

News From The Art Studio...

It's been a while since there's been an art update on the blog...
Well what can I say but 'It's been BUSY'!
Life is Busy!
Art is Busy!
Blogging is Busy!
My art work has been welcomed internationally this year with such positivity.
I am truly humbled to have received nine awards for art and photography work.
Here's a peek at a few happenings...

The Rogue One
A 76.5cm x 76.5cm artwork on canvas created using pastels and acrylic paint.
Special Recognition Artist Award in the 7th Annual 'Seascapes' Art Competition at Light, Space & Time Gallery.
The online exhibition is here:  

I was also featured on 1340Art international art blog:

If you would like to follow my art journey, 
you can do so here:

Plus here are a couple of work in progress pieces...

#newzealandartist #newzealandblogger #art #contemporary 

11 October 2017

French Map & Cacti Pots...❥

Ok - I admit I really do have 'a thing' for cacti.
Let's blame my Grandad.
He had a vast collection in pots, and as a child I would watch him tend them with so much love!

For this project I painted some small terracotta pots with with chalk paint.
Then left them a day to dry.

Next steps require Mod Podge.
(In new Zealand this is available at most craft outlets.)

And some decoupage paper.
Though you could use fancy serviettes if preferred.
If you use serviettes take of the back layer of paper.

I'm loving this cool map design...

Measure the paper to size, brush wrong side with Mod Podge and manipulate it on to the pot.
You'll need to pleat it to fit the curves.

 Leave to dry.
Once dry seal with a layer of clear sealer that will tolerate outdoor conditions.

 Once sealed - leave to dry for a week.

 Then plant with desired plants using a suitable potting medium.
Which in my case is cacti.
But you could plant an annual flower like a pansy.

I'm planting baby cacti.
But you could plant an annual flower like a pansy.

And don't these sweet French Map pots look fab on this railing top on my covered deck.

#decoupage #maps #cactus #cacti #paintedpots #diy

6 October 2017

Ghost Cake & Icecream Cone Toppers...

Spooky cute seems to be the thing for my Halloween preparations this year.
With more little ghosts.

These ones are the edible kind.
Made from meringue, 
these guys are perfect as a cake topper or ice cream cone topper.
They really are not difficult to make.
You will need meringue.
Note cooking time differs from what's stated in the recipe.
The Ghosts need to be baked at 100 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes.

Once meringue is whipped up, 
 onto a baking paper lined tray, 
pipe spirals - large to small with a peak.
You decide the size.
Ice cream topper = smaller
Cake topper = bigger

No icing tip is need. 
Just a plastic bag filled with meringue that has had the corner cut off.
Once baked and cold.
Pipe dots for eyes using black icing.
Store in an airtight container until needed.

Top your favourite cake, or your cone of ice cream with a spooky cute meringue ghost.

Or pop them on a cake stand and eat as is.

#halloween #baking #caketopper #meringue #ghosts

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