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2 July 2017

Trolley Table Upcycle with Reverse Image Transfer...

Meet my 'Trolley' table rescue turned French Country Upcycle.

Here's the before photo.
It was destined for the rubbish pile...

But I just loved the circular design.
And I knew I could upcycle it to fit my decor...

 The top level detail bars were missing.
So I used a filler to plug the holes.

Squeeze filler into holes... 

 Then scrape over with a knife.

Once dry sand lightly.

Then using chalk paint (I chose 'Pure White')... 

 give the table two coats.
After a few days drying time, 
we are ready to transfer a reverse image onto the top of the  table.
Use scissors to cut around the image. 

To apply the transfer using Mod Podge.

1: Brush the mod podge onto the printed side of the reversed image label....

(there are plenty of these available free via Pinterest - just search 'reversed images')
2: Smooth it onto the surface gently pushing out air pockets.

3:  Then leave it to dry for 24 hours.

4: After 24 hours, wet the paper of the transfer with a sponge.

Then carefully rub to roll the paper layers off.

Note: Mod Podge is available from most craft and stationery stores in New Zealand.

To brighten the chrome - gently rub down with a steelwool pad.
The final step to the Trolley Table Upcycle is to coat the table with a coat of wax.

Viola!  I'm loving this transformation.

This table is movable and the perfect size for a side table.

It has created a new favourite spot to sit in my chair
 and journal in the winter sun.

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