18 October 2017

News From The Art Studio...

It's been a while since there's been an art update on the blog...
Well what can I say but 'It's been BUSY'!
Life is Busy!
Art is Busy!
Blogging is Busy!
My art work has been welcomed internationally this year with such positivity.
I am truly humbled to have received nine awards for art and photography work.
Here's a peek at a few happenings...

The Rogue One
A 76.5cm x 76.5cm artwork on canvas created using pastels and acrylic paint.
Special Recognition Artist Award in the 7th Annual 'Seascapes' Art Competition at Light, Space & Time Gallery.
The online exhibition is here:  

I was also featured on 1340Art international art blog:

If you would like to follow my art journey, 
you can do so here:

Plus here are a couple of work in progress pieces...

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