19 November 2017

KUMERA - The Easiest Pot Plant To Grow! ❥

As I was chopping my kumara (sweet potato) up for dinner,
I was looking at the sprouting ends and thought,
how fun would it be to grow them, just like we did as kids!
Kumera must be the easiest pot plant to grow.
All you need is a sprouting end.

As you can see this one already has some tiny little leaves forming.

 I sat the ends in a little dish of water,
 and placed it on the sunny end of my kitchen bench.

The leaves started greening up,
roots began to grow.

After one week this is what you have.
Lots of leaves and a whole lot more green.
It's time to plant! 

I bought this hanging basket which is 35cm in size from Bunnings.
Fill the basket with potting mix.

 Place the kumara on top of the mix.

 Cover with more  potting mix.

For an extra pop of colour, I planted impatiens in the basket too.

After a week your plant is furling around...

Grow in the summer with or without complementary plants, 
 and you will have a fabulous green twirl of heart shaped leaves.
Eventually the vine type runners will hang down, but do bush up the growth a little by snipping the vine ends once the desired length.
 It will put on a show for the entire summer if watered regularly.

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