18 December 2017

Mia Bella Passions: Two Little Christmas Trees...❥

I never told ya all here at Mia Bella Passions Blog -

in October I said goodbye to my little white dog.
She was very sick.
And I could not make it better.
It was the hardest thing.
And since then...
Even though Mia Bella Passions rocks on in all it's creative glory,
I am numb with the grief of losing her.
And it has had an impact on Christmas.

 she is not here.
 she was a huge part of Christmas.

So I thought that this year ,
Instead of my full on Christmas I would just decorate two little trees.

One a 'Gracie' memorial tree in white.

And one silver with birds and faux parcels.
Because she loved watching birds.

And she knew a present when she saw one.
I will miss her crazy excited parcel unwrapping antics.

So Mia Bella Passions Christmas 
and full of love...
and memories...
of a wonderful friend and companion of 12 years.

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