20 June 2018

Homemade Silver Jewelry Cleaner...❥

Well you know I have seen this cleaner diy on zillions of blogs and on Pinterest....
And I have for years thought...must try it.
Then the day came that I had a lot of silver that was tarnished and unwearable,
so I thought - well here's a good time to see if this raved about homemade cleaner actually works.
And guess what?
It sure does!
I have saved myself quite a few dollars by not taking the jewelry to the jewelers.
And the homemade cleaner has basic pantry ingredients in it too.

So here's how it rolled.....
Take one lot of tarnished black silver earrings and brooches...

Place them in a metal baking pan that has been lined with foil  (shiny side UP)

Pre mix - 1 cup of boiling water, 1 tablespoon of salt and  1 1/2 Tablespoons Baking Soda
Stir until dissolved and pour over the jewelry in the pan.
Pour over this 1/2 cup white vinegar.
It will froth up!
Next move the jewelry around a bit and the leave it sitting for 15 minutes.
A couple of pieces were really black, so I used a little brush to brush the black off.
Rinse under warm water and pat dry with a paper towel.

You now will have super shiny silver with no tarnishing.

Here's a before and a after photo of these leaf earrings.
I really could not believe how good this worked.
jewelry cleaner
I'll definitely be using this homemade cleaner again!
It even cleaned up the fucshia earrings which are silver on copper.
I am so happy that I will now be able to wear these pieces again.

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15 June 2018

LOLA The Rescue Kitty... Her Story❥

Lola is a rescued kitty...
late January on one of our summers hottest days George the dog alerted me to this almost lifeless teeny tiny kitten on my driveway.
Some cruel person had dumped her on the roadside,
 and she had crawled into my gateway.
She was so little.
A mere 300 grams in weight and about 4 weeks old.

This is a pic from the moment I found her.
And Arabella inspecting the new arrival.
 I syringe feed her diluted milk,
it was touch and go but she made it through the night.
I managed to get some baby animal formula the next day, 
and the four hourly feeding began.
Within four days she had grown to 351 grams.
(And I was in love.)
She learnt to play.
And slept a lot!
After losing my little white dog in October last year I thought I would not or could not love another...
But how wrong was I.
 Little Lola became known as 'Lola Lollipop'.

The most adorable, loving wee cat.

Who learnt from a young age that technology is FUN!

And here she is now 6 months old -  beautiful, healthy, and very loved.

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11 June 2018

Rhubarb & White Chocolate Mousse...❥

Rhubarb and White Chocolate Mousse...
Now there you have a scrummy combination of flavours!
The rhubarb is poached in vanilla orange juice.
And you have total control over the tartness factor.
Add another tablespoon of sugar to the recipe if you want a much sweeter rhubarb.

 If you don't have glasses or parfait glasses for serving, you can just use mini ramekins.
Even though this is meant to be a dessert,
it's probably the best breakfast ever!

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5 June 2018

❥ Update that pot with a PLAIT!

I have added a little cosy fashion hip to this old planter with a plaited wool design...
Why don't you DIY one too?

You will need:
 a pot
Chunky weight acrylic wool in your choice of colour
(I used Craft wise wool from The Warehouse)
A glue gun and glue sticks

The first step was to measure six three and a half metre lengths of wool.
The wool lengths will vary on pot size, 
but this amount was ample for the pot I used which was 13 x 15cm round.

The plait was made with 6 lengths of wool to give added thickness.
Knot one end and proceed to make a flat plait.

As you can see from the first photo, I initially thought to use a terracotta style pot, but as I was plaiting thought - I would have to seal it to stop moisture leaching to the wool.  So I changed it to a white plastic pot where this wont be an issue.  
This pot has no drainage hole and the plant sits inside it in another pot.

Once you have a decent length of plait, begin at the top of the pot with the tassel end from the start (tassel facing down) glue in place and around rim of pot.

Once you get to the tassel, drop the plait down and under it leaving a space to add another tassel later on.

Continue to glue and plait more if required.
Once at the bottom cut plait and quickly using glue gun glue end into position.

Now make another tassel which is a looped knot using the 6 strands of wool.
Glue the second tassel into place at the top of the pot.

Place your plant of choice inside.
I popped a miniature white flowering cyclamen in mine.

#diy #potplanter #plait #woolcraft 

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29 May 2018

DIY Jar Of Fairy Wishes...❥

Fairy Craft
A 'Jar Of Fairy Wishes'...
Isn't this the most special idea.
And what a wonderful gift for a fairy lover!
You can make the jar of fairy wishes any size you like...
but I opted for a cute mini hexagonal style jar.
These wee jars come in a range of sizes and you'll find them at Briscoes.
I chose it because of the blue gingham print lid, 
knowing that this jar of fairy wishes would be on a shelf with my blue and white pieces.

To make your own 'Jar Of Fairy Wishes' you'll need:

*Dried dandelion seed heads
(whole and in pieces - I just picked them whenever I saw them and popped them into a large glass in my china cabinet and left the for about three weeks to dry out.)

*A jar with a lid or cork top.
(remember the bigger the jar the more dried dandelion you will need)

*Cord, ribbon or string to tie a bow at neck of jar.

*Scrapbook embellishments to decorate the lid or cork of the jar.

To Make:
Carefully fill your jar with whole and pieces of dandelion seed-heads.

Embellish the lid to pretty it up and to hide the writing on it.

I used a pre cut flower shape
I glued this in place.

Then I topped that shape with another sequined flower shape that was a little smaller.

Using blue and white twisted cord I tied a bow at the neck of the jar,
 and knotted the cut ends.

Then I added a couple of pretty paper flowers to each side of the bow.

I love fairies and I'm loving this Jar Of Fairy Wishes...
And I think I will be making more of these to gift!

#dandelion #crafts #fairy 

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