1 October 2018

FREE Photograph - to print, gift or share...

Today I am gifting a free photograph to y'all!
This is a shot of a beautiful flower bud.
I have NO IDEA what this flower is...
other than it is a bulb that has two big strappy leaves.
The buds are glorious and then they turn into individual drop pendulums.
The colour changes from this purple pink to a musky rose colour as it ages.
So if you know what this flower is - please tell me via the comments.

Anyway here it is:
Free Printable
And as the title says - you may print to frame.
Gift it.
Or use as a screensaver.
And I know that you will only do this for your own personal use.
(Commercial use for profit is forbidden!)

BUT the true story behind this photograph is...
It won an AWARD.
For digital photography in an international competition.
I'm really proud of that.
(It's also in Light Space & Time Gallery's 'Patterns' exhibition HERE.)
And with Christmas coming -
 perhaps someone you love,
 would enjoy this beauty framed and gifted to them.

Or if you might like to check out my image gallery at Fine Art America
for other great Christmas Gift ideas:
you'll find it HERE.

#freeprintable #photography #flora #beautiful

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