13 December 2014

Brandy (or orange) Christmas loaf, to gift or keep...

 Christmas cake changed up to a loaf...
Recipe here:
It's super easy to make:
In a large bowl place your dried and christmas fruits
 Pour brandy over the fruit.
Or for the non-alcoholic version - orange juice...
set aside for one hour.
 Whip up the cake base...
Add the fruit mixture.
 Place into loaf pans... 
and bake!
 When baked and cooled,
Ice with Brandy (or Orange) butter icing...
 Decorate as desired.
I used a star shaped cookie cutter as a template 
for the festive sprinkles.
 These Gluten-free sprinkles are from Go-Bake.
Great little pop top container with four different sprinkle styles in it.
I chose the red, white and green ones.
Once you have your star shape,
 Outline the shape with large soft sugar pearls.
These silver ones are from Queen.
Wrap cake in cellophane with a christmas bow,
and it is a perfect gift.
 Or you can keep and enjoy!
Printable recipe is here:

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