12 February 2015

In Love with - Sour Cream Cherry Brownie Delight!

In Love with...Sour Cream Cherry Brownie Delight!
And I'm sure you will be too...
 First of all - Make and bake the brownie base.
This recipe for the base is gluten free.
 When it's cool
spread over the sour cream topping.
Use gluten free sour cream and thickened cream 
in the filling ingredients 
if you want this slice to be completely gluten free.
 Top with drained morello cherries...
And some fresh blueberries if available.
(So spoilt because we have blueberry bushes at Mia Bella Gardens.)
 Drizzle some berry jam over the top...
 After a few hours in the fridge...
Cut and serve.
Delicious - tart cherries and blueberries...
Combined rich dark chocolate and sour cream and tart berries...
It's a taste explosion you must try!

Printable recipe is here:


  1. My daughter just walked up and looked over my shoulder and declared that we absolutely must make this. :)


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