30 November 2015

Nut Lovers Christmas Cake...

 The Nut Lovers Chrstmas Cake is SUPER EASY to throw together...
Nothing like an easy to make festive cake, would you not agree?
 In a large bowl whisk eggs, brown sugar, vanilla, spices and brandy,
then add 3 cups of diced mixed dried fruit.
I used 1 cup each of cranberries, currants, and a pre mix fruit selection.
 Then add 3 cups of roughly chopped nuts...
I used pecans, almonds, and brazil nuts.
(Chop the nuts much finer if you want a smoother cake.)
Then add self raising flour.
Mix well.

 Place in a greased tin. Mine has a pop off bottom, so I didn't paper it.
Bake one and a half hours in a slow oven.
When cold, put in a sealed cake tin,
Leave for three days for the flavours to develop.
Sprinkle top with icing sugar.
 Cut into portions and serve.
 Delicious served warm with custard and cream as a dessert cake.
Find the printable recipe here:

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