18 March 2015

KISS - Easter Table Styling...

OK - ya all know me...
I don't like complicated, AT ALL!
In fact my all time favourite styling term is KISS.
I heard this mentioned many years ago in an interior design forum,
KISS means - Keep It Simple Stupid...
(No derogatory pun intended!)
And because life is just so...well...BUSY...
KISS and I have become fabulous friends!
The Easter tablescape follows the KISS styling concept and it all began with:
An aqua coloured table runner for a bright pop of colour.
On top of that I added a antique lace tray runner.
A mason jar vase in blue glass.
Into this some blooms of 'Just Joey' rose...
I'm LOVING the stunning colour contrast of the vibrant orange peach with the aqua.
Around the neck of the vase,
 I tied a bow of stamped linen raw edged ribbon,
 in the same ecru colour as the lace runner.
I left the tails long to drape onto the table.
Add a vintage aqua blue and white spot tiered cake plate filled with mini Easter eggs
(foiled in Aqua of course)...
And a rabbit... 
(Must have bunnies on display at Easter!)
This cute bunny was only $6 from The Warehouse!!
Mia Bella Passions KISS Easter tablescape was complete.
Easy to put together with a few key elements, and completely stress-free!
All I'll need to do to maintain the look, 
 is replenish the eggs as they are devoured...
and freshen the flowers as required.
Which leaves me pondering...
How complicated will your Easter decorating be?
Are you tempted to KISS?

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