28 August 2016

The Effect Of Visual Arts...

When you look at art, sculpture and photography how do you react?
We all know what appeals to us personally, 
someone else may dislike or even disapprove of.
Viewing art is an intensely private and personal experience,
but how art impacts is such an interesting topic. 
Visual art, sculpture and photography can instigate healing, inspiration, as well as altering the brain chemistry.
It is fascinating to observe people in an exhibition opening or gallery -what are they saying verbally or via body language when viewing different pieces of work.
It opens up concepts and makes for riveting conversation,
because art truly is in the eye of the beholder - everybody sees something different.

I would like to share how I was impacted by a piece of photography 
at an exhibition opening recently.
It was the most surreal experience.

The photograph is called 'Fallen'.
The photographer is the very talented Baz Mantis.

Those red angel wings grabbed my attention.
The title grabbed my attention.
The darkness and hint of sadness of the photograph
grabbed my attention.
(Perhaps because we have all been a fallen angel at some time in our lives).
It reminded me how important wings and feathers were to me as an artist.
It reminded me of the rock band 'Evanescence'.
It also reminded me how much I have spiritually grown through my life.

I love this image...
I love the effect it has on me.
'Fallen' is now hanging in my office!

Baz Mantis photography is based in Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand. 
Find out more here...


Here is a great article on the importance of art in our daily life by David Norris (via Monte Naglar Fine Art)

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  1. Tracey, as an artist I can certainly relate. One of my favorite things is perusing through an Art Museum, gallery opening etc... I love this photo is has made a profound impact on me. Like you said I think all of us can relate to this to some degree! Thank you for sharing with us at #SimplifyWednesdays Pinned, Shared, Tweeted

    Carla a.k.a Mrs R @ SimplifyLifeWithMrsR.com


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