5 July 2016

Posh Up A Pillow...

I saw this idea in one of those posh interior shops...

you know the ones that have cushion covers for sale at $40, 
and then the inner is another $50!
So I thought - I could make that.
My very good quality and stylish cushion was $12.
 A navy blue marl fabric is on one side...

And a wool handknit on the other side.
$12 for the whole thing!
We are talking cover and inner.
(Found at 'The Warehouse'.)
I had some creamy white wool.
So I simply made the wool lengths into 4 ply chunky.

 And crocheted a simple chain.

Crochet 101 have a video tutorial HERE.
They make the chain quite loose because it is the base start for a crochet project.
But because you are making the chain to use as is, 
you need to do it quite tight.
Once you have made the chain long enough to shape into a heart,
finish end.

Make a tassel for the bottom if desired.

Place the chain into the desired heart shape, and pin in place.

Hand stitch onto cover.
And there you go...
one posh pillow without the posh price tag.

I love the way it picks up the blues in this duvet cover
(sourced from Bed Bath & Beyond sale for $20!)

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