7 July 2017

The Kingfisher & A proud Artist Moment...

My world of art this year thus far,
 has been amazing.  
A few awards...
 goals achieved...
creativity challenged...
and a satisfaction all that hard work was worth it!
Recently I was featured at 1340ART International.
And I am so proud to have been so.
Acrylic on canvas

For those who are following my art journey,
you can visit the link to ART1340 HERE.

#newzealandart #contemporaryart #birdart


  1. In my ever-so-humble opinion you are a fine artist! Beautiful work!

  2. Love the Kingfisher bird. After all I am a girl from NZ

  3. What beautiful work. I live across the 'ditch' from you in Sunny Queensland and I just love your little kingfisher. Thanks for sharing with us at #overthemoon.

  4. Thank you so much Sue. So glad you commented as you now have a new follower. :)


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