20 December 2017

Cherry White Chocolate Blondie...❥

Cherry White Chocolate Blondie is 'Christmas in a MOUTHFUL'!
The flavours induce childhood memories of my mothers Christmas cake.

 Using brown sugar in the mix adds to the deliciousness.
It's super easy to whip up.

 After it's baked and cooled - 
use a Christmas template to decorate with Icing Sugar.

 Cut out the template you have chosen...

 and sprinkle with sieved icing sugar.

 Carefully remove the template.

Repeat so you have two images on the blondie. 

It is such an easy way to decorate a cake, slice, brownie or blondie... 

You will find the printable recipe HERE.

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  1. Great Idea Tracy Lee,
    Looks like one of the deer even has a eye to it.
    Very creative... pinning now.


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