15 January 2018

Berry Jelly Tart...

 Oh La La...
Berries in a boozy jelly...
with a chocolate brownie twist.
A truly romantic plus delectable dessert for Valentines Day!

 The jelly is made with wine.

  Pink Moscato wine to be precise!

 And then fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are added to the jelly.
(Though you can use a selection of thawed berries if fresh is unavailable).
Then put on to a precooked brownie base.

The secret to getting the berries floating throughout the jelly and not sinking to the bottom is to partially set the jelly BEFORE adding the berries.
My jelly was 3/4 set when I added the berries.

 Put this tart on your next 'For The Adults' special occasion treat list.
This masterpiece would be the perfect Valentines couples dessert!
You will find the recipe HERE.

If you want to make this tart 'alcohol free'  -
simply change the wine liquid quantity to water when making the jelly.

The wine infused jelly version was the favourite of the adult taste testers.
I myself preferred the alcohol free version.
It really comes down to personal choice.

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