22 May 2018

Boysenberry Vanilla Cupcakes ❥

Boysenberry Vanilla Cupcakes...

A simple cupcake to whip up when berry season has ended, 
using canned boysenberries.

 Watties Pick of the crop New Zealand Boysenberries in syrup are perfect for this recipe.

As the berries are not too tart and not too sweet.

 I also used a ready to make vanilla icing by Chelsea.
Which is delicious made by packet instructions,
but we're going to add boysenberry juice to it this time.

 The first stage is to whip up the cupcake mixture.
(recipe link is at bottom of this post)

 Place spoonfuls into large cupcake cases.
And bake.

 While the cupcakes are baking,
make the icing glaze but use the drained syrup from the canned berries.

Set the Berry Icing glaze aside and wait until cooked cupcakes are cold before icing.

 Ice your cupcakes, and place a boysenberry atop.

 I used one berry for each cupcake but you can place two or three on top if you like.
Serve and indulge.

You'll find a printable recipe HERE.

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  1. These cupcakes are so pretty and they look delicious. I love boysenberry and vanilla.Thank you for sharing on Inspire Me Monday.

  2. Boysenberries are not very common here in the UK, I've never seen them in a can. My granddad used to grown them in his garden though. I've not heard mention of them for years, I'll have to look out especially for them now. these cakes look and sound delicious!

  3. I love boysenberries! When they get ripe here, I usually freeze a few quarts! Thanks for sharing at the what's for Dinner party - Have a great week!


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