3 July 2018

Cherry Berry Crumble...❥

What is it about cherries...
Fresh or bottled they are such a delight.
For this warming winter crumble,
I mixed bottled cherries with canned boysenberries.
With the sweet brown sugar cinnamon crumble I have to say it was a perfect flavour match!
And a new dessert favourite.

You will need:
Quick cook oats,
Brown sugar

Place your drained cherries and boysenberries into a baking dish.
Mix the crumble ingredients and place on top of the fruit.
Bake and serve warm with runny cream and icecream.

I'm also all about pudding for breakfast,
and this crumble hits the mark perfectly.
After all - it has fruit and oats.
Fabulous fuel to start the winter day!

Recipe is HERE.

#cherry #blackberry #pudding #crumble #dessert #winter

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