18 July 2018

❥ A New Planter & Orchid...❥

I found the sweetest aqua blue ceramic planter at Mitre 10.
It was only $9.99 with the saucer.
And the best thing about it is the pot actually has a hole for drainage.
I don't know how many cute little pots I have fallen in love with to find there is no drainage hole in them.
So I was very happy with this cutie.  And did I mention its Aqua?
Oh that's right I did.    
And then just as fate would have it...
on my last visit to New World Supermarket, in the plant section there was the most BEAUTIFUL Pink lavender toned phalaenopsis Orchid.

Phalaenopsis orchids are my FAVOURITE.
Especially the larger flowered variety. 
But these do come in a variety of mini forms and colours.
They are now a favourite because I worked out how 'not to' kill them.
My white orchid bowl has three plants in it, and with no would of a lie, it has one month of the year when NOT flowering.
Find out all about the phalaenopsis HERE
and how to plant a bigger bowl.

A phalaenopsis Orchid is also called a Moth orchid because the flowers resemble moths.
And this one is going to live in my new pretty aqua blue pot.

I used a quality orchid potting mix and added some more slow release fertilizer.

Now it's been potted , it will be moved to the indoors.

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