23 December 2019

Kokedama Christmas Tree...

For something completely untraditional,
a kokedama tree is a  perfect choice for Christmas.
Kokedama in English literally means moss-covered ball.
And this is the technique used to create Kokedama.
The idea originated in Japan.
It's a combination of nearai (meaning no pot) and the kusamono planting style.

To create your own Kokedama 
You will need:
 A sludge mix of potting mix and water.

Soaked sphagnum moss.

A Plant That has been removed from it's pot.
Loosen and trim the root ball.
Covered it in the wet mix, and then in a thick layer of sphagnum moss.
Wind natural rope fibre around the ball until the moss is mostly covered.
tie a knot.

Wind rope around and around...

Until the moss is mostly covered and it is firm.
Soak root ball in a container of water until the air bubbles stop.
(this is also how you water Kokedama plants once established.
Drain off excess water.
Place on a waterproof tray.
DIY Kokedama
Pot plants are great fun to kokedama.
Here is one we made using 'Rhipsalis Cereuscula'.
DIY kokedama
A kokedama plant will last 2 to 3 years.
It's a great diy to create.
Fun, and a unique gift too.

Kokedama is a great way to create a modern Christmas tree statement as we have done.
The tree we made this year will move outdoors onto the deck once the Christmas season is over, so we can still enjoy it.

#kokedama #diyplanters

13 December 2019

My New Art & Photography Website...

So excited to reveal my new website video has officially launched 
on Facebook via my website designer Katie Ayres...

New Zealand Contemporary Artists
For a more in-depth view, and to find out about me and my work,
 please stop by for a visit here at:

#newzealandcontemporaryartist #newzealandphotographer

10 December 2019

Easy White Christmas Cupcakes...❥

Christmas Baking
I'm sharing Christmas inspiration on the blog from now to Christmas...

And today is a recipe for white cupcakes.

Christmas Baking
It's super easy to make the cupcakes and the buttercream frosting!

Once baked and cooled, you can decorate how you like.

I did rose swirls and Christmas themed sprinkles.

The rose swirls are created using a 2D piping nozzle.
And did you know an easy way to put your piping bag is in a glass?
It holds the bag while you will it with frosting.

If you are using these for gifts or just want them to look a bit more special, 
you can place the decorated cupcakes into a Christmasy collar like I have shown here.

The recipe makes 8 cupcakes for the smaller families...
So just double the quantities for a larger batch.

You'll find the recipe HERE.


2 December 2019

White Forest Christmas Tree...❥

Christmas Tree
This years Christmas Tree is all about critters!
Christmas Tree
Forest critters to be precise!

Christmas Tree
I found these super cute animal ornaments at Ezibuy Online.

Christmas Tree
They are seriously TOO CUTE!

Christmas Tree
I could not resist them, and they became the theme of the tree.

Beach Inspired Christmas Tree
Last year the tree was beach-inspired...
(find out about it HERE)
It was big and was my favourite tree yet.
Until now...

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Until The White Forest Christmas Tree was created.

Christmas Tree
With all, it's cute 'Lil critters.

Christmas Tree
And my white and silver decorations

Christmas Tree
and a little bit of Christmas bling.

Christmas Tree
And now I think this is my favourite tree design.

Christmas Tree
I'm just hoping Arabella 

Christmas Tree
...doesn't want to eat my new friends!


23 November 2019

The Thankful Heart Tree...

Bookpage Heart Decorations
Christmas is coming with leaps and bounds...
But before Christmas is Thanksgiving.
This DIY Thankful Heart Tree is an easy to create a decoration for the Thanksgiving holiday and then remain on display throughout the Christmas season too.

Bookpage Heart Decorations
The hearts are created using book page strips, that are stapled to shape.
The hanger is stapled on too.
A super fun activity for the kids to make.
And while you are folding and stapling your hearts, it's a good time to talk about gratefulness.

My tree is displayed on an upcycled trolley table.
You can find out how I did this HERE.

For Christmas add a
 Santa decoration to the vignette as I have here.
And a Christmas votive candle too.

The Christmas theme cushion on the chair is pretty cool too...

one side the tree is gold, the other it is silver.
This was bought from KMart online.

To make the Thankful Heart Tree:
You will need a vase and container to place it in or tin bucket vessel.
Florist foam.
An old book.
Fabric or lace to cover the foam.

Cut the book pages into strips.  You need two strips per heart.

Hold as shown.


Cut a length of twine. 

Bookpage Heart Decorations
Knot and place in the heart.

Place the florist foam in your vessel.
Place the branches into it.
Tie a twine bow on it.
Place the fabric or lace on top of the foam to disguise it.

Bookpage Heart Decorations
Hang your hearts on the tree.
Place in your Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Vignette.

#bookpagehearts #diyChristmas

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