10 December 2019

Easy White Christmas Cupcakes...❥

Christmas Baking
I'm sharing Christmas inspiration on the blog from now to Christmas...

And today is a recipe for white cupcakes.

Christmas Baking
It's super easy to make the cupcakes and the buttercream frosting!

Once baked and cooled, you can decorate how you like.

I did rose swirls and Christmas themed sprinkles.

The rose swirls are created using a 2D piping nozzle.
And did you know an easy way to put your piping bag is in a glass?
It holds the bag while you will it with frosting.

If you are using these for gifts or just want them to look a bit more special, 
you can place the decorated cupcakes into a Christmasy collar like I have shown here.

The recipe makes 8 cupcakes for the smaller families...
So just double the quantities for a larger batch.

You'll find the recipe HERE.


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