2 April 2019

Easter Egg Cake, Flowers & More

Easter Eggs
Easter is not far away and like any other celebration holiday, 
we start preparations weeks in advance.
The first fun activity done was to create painted eggs.

This year 'Miss four' assisted.
Her colour choice of paint was pink and purple.
The eggs are polystyrene foam eggs which were purchased from 'Dollar Value' craft section.

Emilee Rose's eggs were placed into an egg carton and used on the Easter table display.

 We added a glass vase of pretty flowers with a ripped rag fabric knotted bow.
Some nests and birds eggs.
And jars of mini Easter eggs.

The flowers are gerberas and chrysanthemums.

Birds nest
I love to collect found nests and eggs...
I think they are incredibly beautiful!
But these eggs in this nest are actually crafted by a potter.

The painted eggs are also hanging from a branch with more found nests mingled in between.

Easter Eggs
Jars of mini eggs greet visitors to 'Mia Bella Passions homestead',
as this table is right by the front entrance.

Easter Cake
Every year we bake an Easter cake.
What's your Easter tradition?

This years cake was a banana cake.
You'll find the Classic Banana Cake recipe HERE.

A simple cake completely overloaded with chocolate toppings! 
Eggs, bunnies and flake.
Nom NOm NOM!

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