19 June 2019

Hyacinth In A Teapot!

It's now the depths of winter here in the Bay Of Plenty in New Zealand.
Today has been the coldest day so far...
a mere 4 degrees at 10am this morning.
I am not a fan of the cold. 
 I am so grateful the beautiful Bay offers a Spring, Summer and Autumn with warm, hot, warm temperatures.
It really is a grin and bear it scenario in winter.  
When the weather is just awful and you are stuck indoors, what do you do?
Well, you fast forward Spring, and jazz up your home decor a bit, that's what you do!

So today I potted up a gorgeous blue-purple hyacinth into a funky teapot.

The white teapot was $8 from KMart.

The Hyacinth sourced from Bunnings.

A hyacinth in a teapot you ask?
Well, I say - why not!

Indoor Bulbs
It's a bit quirky, and once placed onto a French style tray, makes a super winter table centrepiece.
I also made a new table runner.  
You can find out how to make a 'DIY TABLE RUNNER' HERE.

It looks pretty. It smells divine.
And it's a reminder that Spring is coming!

Once the Hyacinth blooms have finished flowering which will be in 2 or 3 weeks time,
 I will plant them out into the garden border where they will rebloom next winter.
Hyacinths have a delightful scent and a stunning form.
If you grow them potted indoors they require a warm position with good light conditions.
Only keep the soil lightly moist as too much water makes them grow too tall!
It is best to place a wood orchid stake in the centre of the pot and make a thin wire loop to thread through the flower stems 3/4 of the way up, to pull stems together so as to avoid the weight of the flowers drooping over.
They do tend to grow towards the strongest light source, so turn the pot regularly to keep the plant in shape.
You just cannot beat the beauty and perfume of the Hyacinth.

#hyacinth #springflowers #bulbsindoors

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