22 February 2016

Shanti-Rose - the particularly interesting cat!

Have you ever heard the quote
 'Behind every great artist is a particularly interesting cat' ?
(This is one of mine - I have been blessed with two particularly interesting cats!)
Meet Shanti-Rose.
A pure breed Red Burmese with an ongoing weight issue.
(She has a food bowl in every house in the street I'm sure!)
I have tried for YEARS to capture on film her greatest and most amazing trick...
she just won't do it if she thinks you are watching her,
but last night I succeeded.
This is Shanti-Rose's moment of fame.



  1. Looks like no worries about the cat having to get out to go.. Lucky you..

  2. Saves installing a cat flap.... but could be an issue for security :-). One clever cat!!


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