9 January 2021

The Buddha

Garden Buddha
Today I'm sharing what the little Buddha in my garden means to me.
He is there to remind me to take the time,

to be peaceful...

to be gentle...

to be mindful...

to meditate...


to pray...

to be enlightened...


to find moments of serenity in the chaos and challenges of life.


This Buddha was a dull grey.

Purchased for $20 from The Warehouse.

Yellow is my go-to happy colour.

Painted Buddha

And so I spray painted him that colour.

The Buddha who sits on the rusty chair in my garden brings me joy every day.

He's a visual reminder to be kind and love.

As the months have passed he is becoming more weather-worn.

And I am loving that!

Buddha Quote

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31 December 2020

Easy Fresh Apple Cookies

Healthy Snacks

Christmas and New Year is done,

and with it all the naughty but nice food choices.

It's time to refocus and get back into the 'healthier' groove of things.

Fresh apple cookies are...

Super easy.

Super healthy.

Super quick to whip up.

Great for the kids to make and eat.

And a great pool party canape idea.  

I eat these for breakfast as they also make a perfect alternative to toasted bread with peanut butter.

Healthy Snacks

No printable with this one peeps.

Because it is so EASY to whip up.

Healthy Snacks

Use crisp eating apple varieties

Healthy Snacks

Slice the apple into rings and remove the core.

Healthy Snacks

Spread one side with peanut, almond butter or a nut butter mix like the one shown.

Top with toasted almond, more diced nuts and diced dried fruit.

And some dark chocolate drops if desired.

(adapt the toppings to your taste)

And that is it!

Healthy Snacks


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16 December 2020

Sweet Christmas Cookie

Tobelrone Christmas Cookies


with chunks of dark chocolate


Toblerone chocolate.

Tobelrone Christmas Cookies

I am not sure why, but Tobelrone is thought of as a Christmas gifting chocolate.

Tobelrone Christmas Cookies

Maybe because the wrapping is shiny Christmas gold...the name is in bold red, or because the chocolate has nougat added to it.

Tobelrone Christmas Cookies

Today we blended two types of chocolate - dark and Tobelrone to create these delicious cookie dough inspired  (a whole lot naughty) cookies for Christmas visitors to enjoy, and another batch to gift.

Tobelrone Christmas Cookies

They last well in a sealed container in the pantry for a week.

But I give you just days...

and then you will have to bake more!

To make these delicious Toberlone and Dark chocolate cookies:

Cream butter and sugars until creamy white and fluffy.

Add an egg.

Vanilla essence

Flours and dry ingredients

 and finally chocolates.

Add more flour if necessary to be able to mould into large balls,

Press lightly with your hand onto the prepared lined baking trays.

Then add a large chunk of Tobelrone to the top of the cookie.

Bake for 10 minutes.

Leave to cool completely.

Store in a sealed container.

Tobelrone Christmas Cookies

This recipe made 22 large cookies.


Printable Recipe HERE.


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