13 January 2020

Marshmallow Slice...

Mmmmm, a buttery base with a thick marshmallow topping.
I remember my mother making this slice often.  
But she did it the hard way...
with gelatin or jelly.
And we beat and beat that mixture using hand beaters.
For what seemed like hours to my young mind, 
until the topping turned pale pink and creamy.
But I discovered a super-easy way to make the marshmallow topping.
You do need an electric beater to create it quick.
10 minutes is all you need.
And then you pile it on the prebaked cooled shortcake base.
Leave to set.
And then cut into squares.

It is so delicious.
And not too sweet.

Try it.
 Bake it with the kids.
It will become a family favourite.

Or serve it on Valentines Day as a treat - 
just top with a berry jus, berries (from a  can or fresh),
 and a dollop of cream or ice cream (or both).

You'll find the recipe here.

#marshmallow #homebaking

3 January 2020

Hanging Succulent Plant....❥

Are you like me?
Do you have a habit of killing the plants in your hanging baskets?  
Try as I might I simply cannot remember to water them.
And that is why I am choosing succulents for my covered deck hanging baskets.

I found this sweet plant at 'Bunnings Garden Centre'.

It's called 'Rhipsalis Cereuscula'.
And isn't it dinky?
Great form.
Great green colour.
Great no kill properties!
The plant was $15.
I already had the hanging basket planter from a previous unsuccessful flower planting.
I freshened up the potting mix and popped this green beauty into the basket. 

As it gets older it will grow new hanging jointed leaf spikes that are shaped like rice.
They will hang down over the sides.
In the Spring this interesting hanging succulent plant produces white to pink satiny flowers.

The secret to growing this plant is to keep it dry in the winter. 
Protect it from frost.
It prefers warm conditions, but I have had mine on my covered deck all winter in the afternoon sun, and it has not minded the coldest mornings of 2 degrees at all.
The recommended position is in the full sun to part shade.
In fact, it is sprouting new growth!

And the little white flowers in Spring are just the cutest!

DIY kokedama
 'Rhipsalis Cereuscula' is also a perfect plant to use with the kokedama no pot technique.
Find out how to make a DIY Kokedama HERE.

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23 December 2019

Kokedama Christmas Tree...

For something completely untraditional,
a kokedama tree is a  perfect choice for Christmas.
Kokedama in English literally means moss-covered ball.
And this is the technique used to create Kokedama.
The idea originated in Japan.
It's a combination of nearai (meaning no pot) and the kusamono planting style.

To create your own Kokedama 
You will need:
 A sludge mix of potting mix and water.

Soaked sphagnum moss.

A Plant That has been removed from it's pot.
Loosen and trim the root ball.
Covered it in the wet mix, and then in a thick layer of sphagnum moss.
Wind natural rope fibre around the ball until the moss is mostly covered.
tie a knot.

Wind rope around and around...

Until the moss is mostly covered and it is firm.
Soak root ball in a container of water until the air bubbles stop.
(this is also how you water Kokedama plants once established.
Drain off excess water.
Place on a waterproof tray.
DIY Kokedama
Pot plants are great fun to kokedama.
Here is one we made using 'Rhipsalis Cereuscula'.
DIY kokedama
A kokedama plant will last 2 to 3 years.
It's a great diy to create.
Fun, and a unique gift too.

Kokedama is a great way to create a modern Christmas tree statement as we have done.
The tree we made this year will move outdoors onto the deck once the Christmas season is over, so we can still enjoy it.

#kokedama #diyplanters

13 December 2019

My New Art & Photography Website...

So excited to reveal my new website video has officially launched 
on Facebook via my website designer Katie Ayres...

New Zealand Contemporary Artists
For a more in-depth view, and to find out about me and my work,
 please stop by for a visit here at:

#newzealandcontemporaryartist #newzealandphotographer

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