17 May 2023

Beautiful Sunrise Quote


Sunrise Quotes

I'm a traveller soul, so this quote is for all those like me, who love to wander.


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16 May 2023

Bacon Wrapped Cranberry Schnitzel

Schnitzel recipes

One thing I love about my friend Joni May is her inventive savoury food!

This recipe is one she shared with me and it is sensational!

Savour the blend of tastes.

Schnitzel recipes

Schnitzel recipes
The thin pre-crumbed (available from the butcher or supermarket) succulent schnitzel meat and the cranberry.
Schnitzel recipes

The stuffing. (I used a dry premix in a packet brand)

Schnitzel recipes

Schnitzel recipes
Rolled together and secured by a bacon wrapping.
Schnitzel recipes

Oven Baked.

Left to rest.

Schnitzel recipes

Then slice and served warm with a salad of your choice.


You can make several adaptions to this recipe by adding chopped cashew nuts to the stuffing mix.

And if you love cream cheese, a layer of that over the cranberry jelly.

This recipe will serve two people.

For the printable recipe visit HERE.

Grab a cuppa, and visit

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'Tracey Lee Cassin Design'  


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3 May 2023

Easy Cork Plant Labels

DIY Plant Cork Labels

Are you like me, and always have a pot or more of fresh herbs growing in the kitchen?

There is nothing like having them directly on hand to add to your culinary dishes as you create.

That's great if you are a herb enthusiast because you will have a grasp on what herb is what.

But then again, you might have another cook or Chefs assistant in the house who doesn't!

These simple cork labels are the answer.

Just five minutes to make.

DIY Plant Cork Labels

And the perfect solution to that 'What is this herb again?' question.

Currently, in my small kitchen, I have two herbs.

Because they are the ones I use the most in my savory cooking.

Parsley and thyme.

DIY Plant Cork Labels

To make the labels I used Dollar Store Craft corks, and bamboo kitchen skewers.

(Total cost  - $4.50, with excess to create more 'Cork Plant Labels' if desired to put aside for other craft projects).

You will also need a fine-point black Sharpie pen.

DIY Plant Cork Labels

Pot your plants using a high-quality indoor potting mix that contains added slow-release fertilizer.

Water pots and set aside.

DIY Plant Cork Labels

Take your cork and write from the smaller end to the thicker end your herb name.

DIY Plant Cork Labels

I find craft store corks are a lot harder than wine bottle cork, so pushing skewers into these is difficult.

So you will need a nail and a small hammer to make a pilot hole first.

DIY Plant Cork Labels

Then push the wooden skewer into the hole.

And that is it.

DIY Plant Cork Labels

Place into your pre-planted pots for cute and corky

'at a glance' herb labels for the inside kitchen garden.

DIY Plant Cork Labels

You could even use these DIY cork plant labels in a greenhouse or glasshouse environment too.

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