26 March 2020

DIY Tray Makeover...

I love upcyling old things and giving them a new lease of life.
This is what happened to this very aqua blue tray.
From this....

To this!

I actually love the blue,
but it just did not compliment my home decor.

So it was out with the blue,

and in with the grey.

Manorburn Double by Resene was the colour used.

I love candles.
So the tray contained all my candle pots in one place.
I added a potted yellow flowering succulent plant to the vignette.

This is a 'Kalanchoe'.
A great repeat-flowering indoor plant.
Easy care.
Just give it bright natural light (No direct sun) and do not overwater.
Remember it is a succulent!

But something was missing...
a coffee table runner.

So I looked in my fabric stash to see what I had that would be complimentary.
This natural light linen-look fabric was perfect.
With a contrasting herringbone pattern, 
it adds interest to the table vignette.

All I did was measured the table and hemmed all four sides to fit.
I'm loving the fabric table runner,
and the tray vignette.

And easy low-cost upgrade to freshen my sitting room.

29 February 2020

Avocado Chocolate Bites...

Just THREE ingredients...
SUPER EASY to whip up.
If you adore AVOCADO,
Then you will adore these 'Avocado Chocolate Bites'!

All you do is:

Mash half an avocado.

I chopped the Avo...
and blitzed it in the Nutri.bullet!

Avocado Chocolate Bites
MELT 1/2 cup of dark chocolate (the darker the better!)
ADD mashed avocado and mix.
Chill for a few minutes in the refrigerator until you can roll into bite-size balls.

                   And then finish them off with a roll around in Dark cocoa powder.
   Keep stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container.
Avocado Chocolate Bites
An Avocado lovers health treat!

Printable recipe HERE

#healthytreats #healthysweets

19 February 2020

Hippeastrum Plant ❥

I remember seeing this plant when I was just a teenager when I visited my cousins' house.
And I fell in love with it.
A leafless elegant long stem.
With flowers on top.
The most amazing flowers!
So when I saw this one - I had to have it!
White and red with peach cream undertones.
It really is a stunner.

What joy it brought to my kitchen...

As day by day, I watched the blooms open.

'Hippeastrums'  are from the Amarilys family.
And there are many, many colours available.
The flower heads can be from 13 to 20cm in size.
They are funnel-shaped but do come in double forms.

To grow: 
  •   Place in bright light with some sun for part of the day.

        (I grew mine on my kitchen bench which has morning sun and bright light for the rest of the day).
  •    When actively growing/flowering, aim to keep the soil moist most of the time.

After Flowering:
  • Cut the spent flower spikes to the base, but keep the leaves growing by watering when the bulb soil is dry.
  • Place bulbs in the pots outside or in a greenhouse or covered patio during the hot summer months.
  •   Only fertilise every 2 weeks while leaves are growing.
  • Keep in a 10 to 13-degree temperature will in its rest period after leaves die back.
  •   Do not water while dormant.
  •   Don't let bulb sit in water as this will cause the bulb to rot.
  •   Do not repot unless the potting medium has broken down, or the plant produces offsets.
  •  Baby offset bulbs take 2 to 3 years to flower.
  •  The plant nor bulb like frost or cold.

Here's a little advice from a grower who has had her 'Hippy' for 26 years!

My amaryllis bulb is about 26 years old and blooms twice every year without fail. I have it in an east-facing window, and I water it as and when I remember! I feed it with Gro-more twice a year as the main stalk starts to show (only adding to one watering each blossoming time). I honestly do not pamper this bulb, never take it out of the window (even in winter but central heating usually keeps the house at about 20 degrees), forget to water regularly (sometimes the leaves start to droop a little) and yet it still gives me 2 beautiful displays every year. The bulb has almost filled the pot for the last 6 years, so I took it from the pot 6 weeks ago, cut back the roots (there was very little soil left anymore) and put some new soil in. I thought I had killed it but it is proudly showing 4 deep red blooms on the stalk. I do strip off the dead 'skins' on the bulb when it gets very flaky - a gentle pull brings most of it off. 

#hippeastrum #floweringpotplant

8 February 2020

Easy Valentine Table Centerpiece

Valentine Table Centerpiece
Valentines Days will be here VERY SOON.
You want to make the dining or coffee table lovey,
and just a wee bit special.
Life is so busy.
You just do not have time to be super creative.
So here is your answer.
A simple, valentine day table feature that is super easy to prepare and super affordable too.

Just grab a wine glass
Some heart or love inspired fabric
And an open bloom rose.

Put the bloom head inside the upturned wine glass...

 Place the bloom head inside the upturned wine glass onto the scrunched up Valentine themed fabric...

Place a red candle or mini candles on top of the wine glass base...

Valentine Table Centerpiece
Light your candles.
And now you have a loved up but super easy to create table centrepiece!

#valentinedecor  #valentinetablecentrepiece

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