Paper Dress Bunting...

I have always loved these cute paper dresses...
and thought I would make a mini bunting of them for my Granddaughter Emilee.

I used this pattern from Jane CS.
(save as to your computer)
She uses this pattern to make gorgeous cards.  
(Now there's another craft idea!)
Print the pattern and cut out...
 Once you have cut out the four pattern pieces,
 and use as a stencil onto your pretty paper...
 Using a pencil, mark and rule the pleats.
 Use different papers for the skirts and tops.
I cut out six dresses in total.
 Use a ruler to crease the skirt pleats. Rub out the pencil if desired.
 Glue the tops to the skirts.
Decorate with ribbon, stick on embellishments, and buttons.
I used card letter stickers for Emilee's name.
Use mini craft pegs to peg the dresses to a ribbon.
 A gift that any little (and not so little) girl will LOVE!

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