Handcrafted Air Dry Clay Leaf Bowls...

Air dry clay is a fantastic medium to craft with.
Leaf shaped bowls are a favourite of mine, 
so let me show you how easy it is to make them.
You will need:
Air dry clay.  (I used Das brand in white.)
A rolling pin
Newspaper to protect your work surface
Bowls in different sizes.
Scissors and a small paring knife.
And some leaves .
Roll the clay out to a 5 to 10mm thickness.
I made mine 5mm as I wanted that thin fragility.
Place your leaf on top of the clay and press it with the pin.
Cut out the resulting leaf image on the clay with your small knife.
Carefully pick up the leaf and place in a bowl.
Bend the leaf edges as desired.
Bend the stem into a coil for added interest.
Set aside.
Leaf bowl number two is a different shape.
Use the same technique as the first bowl...
Roll out the clay (I have done this leaf 10mm in thickness),
Press in the leaf and cut out.
Tidy the edges if you want perfection.
Place into a small bowl.
Set aside to dry.
My leaf bowls were left for two weeks to dry.
(Hey, life is busy!)
But air dry clay dries much quicker than this, 
so you don't have to wait that long until you paint them.
Choose your spray paint colours...
I used gold for the large leaf and a mint glitter paint for the small leaf.
I love the way the paint makes the leaf veining pop!
Leave to dry.

Place in your home decor...
The large gold leaf is perfect for the mantel!
And the little mint green leaf blends into the vintage pottery collection.
A contrast of smooth vintage and handcrafted rustic in green blue hues.
And a perfect ring holder too!

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