28 April 2015

DIY Anchor Pallet Artwork...

Pallet everything is so on trend at the moment!
 So here's my take on a pallet anchor picture...
It's a step by step photographic tutorial,
so gather your supplies and join in the fun!

You will need:
 Four pieces of pallet each cut to 45cm long,
plus two small offcuts to use as a backing.
The pallet pieces should be pre painted.  
I used white paint, but you can choose any colour you'd like.
Set the four pallet pieces tightly together, painted side face down,
 then place the backing wood as shown. 
 Nail the backing boards in place.  This stablilises the pallets and holds them in place.

 Print the free anchor template from here:

Use this as a guide to free hand draw the anchor onto the wood. Or enlarge the template slightly, cut out, and use as a template to draw the outline.

 Choose your paint colour (mines charcoal grey) and paint the anchor.
 I have seen this done with a coloured backing board and a white anchor, 
which is also really effective.
 Set aside to dry.
 When dry, add some highlights in silver or gold - whichever suits your colour choices.
When dry, seal with a coat of clear matt sealer.
 Attach a hanger.
I've used some rusty chain, but you could use chunky rope.
Hang and enjoy.
The DIY Anchor Pallet Artwork - a little rustic nautical fun!


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