1 May 2015

DIY Bottle terrarium...

A terrarium is a interesting focal for on a shelf,
and as it was time for 'something different', and a rearrange session on my book shelf, 
I created this DIY Bottle terrarium...
You will need:
 a large clean bottle or container made from clear glass
Some potting mix
Bark (I used orchid bark)
Fine white stones or gravel
A plant
 An interest item like an ornament, a rock, or a crystal.  
(I used an old brass bell that was my Grandfathers.)
2 x thin sticks.
Piece of wire. 
My plant (a miniature anthurium) was too big,  
  so I broke it up. 
I actually got six plants from this one, and used three pieces for in the terrarium.
The flowering part of the plant was re-potted back into the original white container.
The other two pieces added to a hanging basket on the back porch.
Don't you love it when one plant turns into many?
Firstly put a layer of bark in the bottom of the bottle,
then add a layer of potting mix.
Use the stick to make a hole in the middle. Place your plant here.
Use the sticks to manipulate the plant into position and to push the soil around the roots.
Water lightly.
 Now add a layer of white stones or gravel.
Once again use the sticks to move the stones into place.
 Finally add your interest piece.
Use the wire with a hook bent on the end to place the interest item in the bottom.
 Finished and in place on the shelf...
The DIY Terrarium most certainly adds interest to the shelf display.
I love the way it compliments my old bottle collection.

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