Beach Inspired Air Plant Holder

Air Plant

Here is a very easy beach-inspired air plant holder,

using found beach items.

A piece of driftwood.

And a large shell.

Now, this shell already had a drainage hole in the base created by nature.

But if your shell has no hole in it, use an electric drill with a small fine bit or a thin sharp nail and a hammer to create a drainage hole. 

Because you are dealing with odd shapes it's best to decide how you will hang the driftwood.

Attach a wire loop hanger to the back using a small staple nail.

 Use hot-glue to attach the shell to the driftwood.

Push a piece of air plant into the shell.

Hang in a desirable position.

If inside you can remove the air plant from the shell and water.

If outside and drip damage is not an issue, you can spray water directly on to it.

I put mine inside on the wall of our office room.

DIY Beach Decor

My partner and I both paint seascapes,

and camp by the sea often in the New Zealand summer,

so it's a lovely memory inspired wall hanging.

If you are a beach lover I'm sure this easy-care planter will tempt you too.


If you cannot source an air plant, you could alternately use a small-leaved hanging succulent or a plant not requiring a lot of watering.

Put stones over drainage hole and plant in potting mix.


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